Italy overwhelms Argentina | From 15 to 25

Argentina initially snubbed Italy, appearing on the field with only 2 owners, Conte and Solé (plus Danani-La Fuente after returning from Covid). But over time and with the excellent reaction of Italy, he had to revise his choice, calling on the field several times De Cecco, Pereyra, Martinez, Loser and modifying the formation several times. But the holding of Italy was excellent, rejecting their opponents with aces (6-1) and above all with walls (16-9) (4 each Michieletto, Vitelli, Cortesia, 2 Recine). 18 points of which 14 in attack and 4 walls (56% efficiency in attack and 32% in rice)

Iran-USA 3-0
Strange behavior of the US national team that does not even have Anderson, Christenson and Holt on the bench, with David Smith on the scoresheet but never entered the field and Taylor Sander second free. They probably wanted to spare their owners a bad impression given that at the moment the difference that separates the USA and Iran is abysmal and not only on a physical but above all technical level. The result has never been in question, with Iran having made good times and bad weather.
In the last exchanges of the third set, the setter Tuaniga, whom I had never seen play, was seen on the field instead of Shoji, a very nice guy but with a more rugby body.


Italy overwhelms Argentina

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