his first word is “mom”

his first word is “mom”
his first word is “mom”

Almost a year ago, when she was pregnant in the seventh month, Cristina Rosi had suffered a cardiac arrest that had caused serious damage to both her and her daughter, Caterina. From that moment on, an ordeal of neurological treatment and rehabilitation began for her: eleven months later, suddenly, Cristina pronounced the word “mom”, lightly and three times. Cristina, originally from the province of Arezzo with her husband Gabriele, has been in an Austrian clinic specializing in difficult rehabilitation for two months. Her mother, who had been with her for a month, and her husband, who had just arrived from Tuscany, were about to take over when Cristina spoke for the first time.

Gabriele managed to get Cristina hospitalized in the Austrian clinic, which is located near Innsbruck, thanks to a fundraiser on GoFundMe, which had allowed to cover the necessary expenses. And the woman’s situation seems to be improving. “Cristina can hardly be recognized now, she is more relaxed, her tracheotomy has been removed, through a pump they are administering a medicine that should lead to other physical progress and then the other morning her words, she had never said it like this “, said her husband.

Fundraising to help Cristina Rosi

Fundraising continues, given that the treatment process is still very long and expensive: 104 thousand euros every three months. But it is important that Cristina’s rehabilitation goes on: “Here every day she does robotic physiotherapy, then gradually moments of speech therapy and other activities are introduced, but little by little and I think I’m not even halfway through the process if it’s true as they say they want. put it back on its feet “.

Cristina is awake, alert, breathing and swallowing. “Managing everything is very difficult, but I felt very lucky”, says Gabriele, who is by her side every day from 2 to 6 pm and who in a month will take over again to Cristina’s mother, Mirella, who has returned to Italy. Italy to get the vaccine.

Gabriele is also pursuing another battle, the one against the bureaucracy to obtain the recognition of the right to a partial but important refund from the Tuscany Region. The structure would receive the expected percentage from Italy and so that money paid could be enough to cover nine months, a reasonable time according to the family for Cristina’s therapies. In the meantime, Cristina’s progress is in progress: “Even today was a positive day – says Gabriele – I took her out in a wheelchair and it was sunny”.

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