A boom of heat is coming

A boom of heat is coming
A boom of heat is coming

A real heat boom is coming. The slow advance of the African anticyclone over our country will not only decrease the frequency of thunderstorms, but will favor a constant and gradual increase in temperatures. The iLMeteo.it team announces that from a thermal point of view in the next few days we will see an important escalation that will result in a surge in temperatures starting from Sunday 13 June. If until then the daytime thermal values ​​do not exceed 30 ° C on most of the main distant cities of the coast, from Sunday with the greatest influence of the sub-tropical anticyclone the maximum temperatures will easily exceed this threshold. It is estimated that 32 ° C will be reached in Turin, Milan and Rome, while in Bologna and Florence it will even reach 34 ° C. With the return of the great heat, the first sultry and therefore sleepless nights of the season will also arrive, caused by the hot air that from the African continent going up the Mediterranean Sea will be loaded with humidity.

Today 9 June – In the north: sunny, afternoon thunderstorms over the Alps. In the center: unstable over Lazio and eastern Sardinia with afternoon thunderstorms. In the south: thunderstorms over Campania, Calabria and Northeast Sicily, even strong.

Thursday 10th June – In the North: unstable with clouds and some precipitation in the Northeast and on the hills. Middle: unstable with thunderstorms scattered over Tuscany, Lazio and eastern Sardinia. South: unstable on the lower Tyrrhenian and in Sicily.

Friday 11 June – In the north: isolated thunderstorms in the Alps, sun elsewhere. Center: thunderstorms over central-southern Lazio, isolated over Ogliastra. In the south: thunderstorms over Campania, Calabria and lower eastern Sicily.

From the weekend sun dominant and sensitive temperature rise.


boom heat coming

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