Municipal, here are the center-right candidates for Rome and Turin – Politics

Municipal, here are the center-right candidates for Rome and Turin – Politics
Municipal, here are the center-right candidates for Rome and Turin – Politics

Rome, 9 June 2021 – The summit of center right on the amministrative has found the square for the candidates for mayors of Rome and Turin, while the boxes of the other main cities remain empty. The knot of the capital has been solved thanks to a ticket: Enrico Michetti, indicated by the president of Fdi Giorgia Meloni, will be the mayoral candidate of the coalition, while Simonetta Matone will be his deputy. The mayoral candidate for the center-right is also official a Turin: will be Paolo Damilano. On the other hand, the choice of candidates is more difficult Milan and Bologna, even if the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini he is optimistic: “We have met again for next Wednesday: we will close”, he says, speaking of “full harmony”. Within the week, however, the candidacy for the regional in Calabria will be made official, where the choice would by now definitively fall on the forerunner. Roberto Occhiuto.

Michetti: Rome is back in the world

“I am absolutely flattered and I thank all the parties of the center-right coalition for this. I am delighted with the ticket with Dr. Matone, the distinguished magistrate. Rome is my city and my dream. Now let’s start together this great adventure to give back together with the Eternal City the role of Caput Mundi “, declared Enrico Michetti.

Melons: extraordinary Michetti-Matone

The FdI leader is very satisfied Giorgia Meloni: Enrico Michelli and Simonetta Matone “are two extraordinary professionals, with extraordinary curriculum” but “also capable of speaking with citizens”. And he adds: “We have made great strides as center-right to win the next administrative elections. Now we are waiting for the electoral campaign to make them known to the citizens, and to let the Romans know how we want to restart the city after the disaster of the Rays administration”. “I’m competent – he added – but they also know talk to citizens, with empathy“.
As for the Lombard capital, Meloni declares: “In Milan we will see when the mayor will settle and decide how the team will be formed. also work on teams and not only on individuals, it demonstrates our desire to give these cities administrations capable of doing well. “The other candidates will follow:” The center-right is perfectly in the game, very compact, with the desire to win the next administrative “.

At Restart, broadcast tonight on Rai 2, Meloni denied having won on the candidacies in Rome: “I would say that the coalition has won, which works to win when you vote. We did a great job, we offer the Capital of Italy, after the improvised incompetence of the Rays, a diametrically opposite model. Enrico Michetti, whom I supported in these meetings, he is one of the main administrative lawyers in Italy, he knows exactly where to put his hands and works alongside Simonetta Matone “.

Salvini: very good entrepreneur in Turin

Salvini tries a synthesis: “We have also given the green light to the civic candidacy of a talented entrepreneur like Paolo Damilano in that of Torino, the closure of the Calabria Region will also come shortly, where we aim not to win but to win big also in the name of Jole Santelli. We observe with interest the civic proposal that is under construction a Naples with Catello Maresca, which we reserve the right to meet, as regards Milan and Bologna some of the candidates who have made themselves available are resolving some issues related to business and family “.
The leader of the League assures that at the meeting next Wednesday all 1,300 candidates for mayors of the cities who will go to the vote will be decided, and attacks: “Unlike Pd e M5S that I am divided in Rome and half of Italy and where they fight in the primaries, as promised I have the honor of leading a coalition like that of the center-right that will have joint candidates and competitive and winning teams. We have had a few more meetings, but everything ends well “.

Tajani: Civic Candidate Commitment Maintained

Satisfied too Antonio Tajani: “We are working on Milan. Today we closed Rome, Turin and Calabria. On Saturday we will announce the candidate for president for the Region. We have a candidate for mayor and a candidate for mayor with an extraordinary curriculum in Rome. We support a civic candidate in Turin. We have kept the commitment of civic candidates “.” The Michetti-Matone ticket is the best possible solution to widen the boundaries of the center-right and to win in Rome, “added Tajani.

Sgarbi’s ‘trident’

Other than a ticket, it would take the trident … Ex Fi show Vittorio Sgarbi at the top of the center-right on the municipal. The art critic would have proposed to the leaders of the coalition to consider in addition to the mayor-deputy tandem, also the need to indicate a councilor for Culture for Rome, as well as for Milan. Many present, amused by the exit of the deputy of the Mixed and founder of the ‘Renaissance’ movement, would have read his joke as a self-candidacy for the weight councilorship.

Mayor Raggi’s tweet

“Lega Nord and Fratelli d’Italia have found a candidate in Rome but without an idea for the city. I am even more determined to continue the work of change and carry out the projects we have started in recent years”, writes the mayor on Twitter of Rome Virginia Raggi on the candidacy of the center-right for the race to the Campidoglio.

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