mayor other than M5S will reopen PalaTiziano

Wednesday 9 June 2021 – 5:55 pm

Rome, Nanni (Action): mayor other than M5S will reopen PalaTiziano

“Endless list of broken promises”

Rome, June 9 (askanews) – “We are pleased to learn from the words of the president of the Sports Commission of Roma Capitale, Angelo Diario, that the Palazzetto dello Sport in Viale Tiziano will be usable again by Roman citizens by the start of the 2022-2023 sports season. After the endless list of broken promises, it is absurd to see how the Giunta 5S had to take years to be able to present a proposal on the PalaTiziano, after the closure for maintenance dating back to 2018. Maintenance promised, but in fact not yet happened “. This was stated in a note by Dario Nanni, the Roman head of Action. The Palazzetto, Nanni recalls, “was in fact the subject of vandalism in recent years due to the state of neglect in which it was left. Once again a sign of the administrative incompetence of the Capitoline junta. Roman citizens – according to Nanni – deserve much more than simple electoral promises, and Raggi and 5S will realize this when the PalaTiziano will finally be inaugurated by a different mayor and administration ”, he concludes.


mayor M5S reopen PalaTiziano

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