“Sweetened …”: Azzolina’s blunder on TV

“Sweetened …”: Azzolina’s blunder on TV
“Sweetened …”: Azzolina’s blunder on TV

Lucia Azzolina, a guest at “Cartabianca” broadcast on Rai3, replied to the presenter regarding her bad output used by commenting on the decision to return the annuity to Roberto Formigoni.

He tried to justify himself

The former Minister of Education and M5s deputy had in fact used a rather colorful and very ugly phrase, as emphasized by Berlinguer, perhaps to be avoided: Unleash on honest citizens “. A language that is not expected from a politician, especially if he has held the role of Minister of Education. La Azzolina, as reported by the Corriere, therefore tried to justify herself by asserting that she usually does not use that type of language, but that “The decision on the annuity to Formigoni caused me a sense of disgust”. He then recounted his origins, explaining that his father, like many Italian citizens, worked a lifetime to have a pension and “If you have committed certain crimes, we are talking about 6 million euros in dinners, travel, etc., you must have a pension, but the annuity is something else”. According to Azzolina, therefore, the somewhat colorful term she used to express the disgust she felt was in that context.

Azzolina and the annuity

The journalist Paolo Mieli also intervened on the issue and stressed that the annuity is the form of pension that it is up to the parliamentarians, and that it is not a final prize on the basis of one’s own merits. As perhaps the former minister had understood who had wanted to put it on the ethical and moral question. Finally, the grillina also said: “I know it was a sweetened verb”. It was immediately corrected by the host and by Mieli, since sweetened means exactly the opposite: mitigated, attenuated. At the suggestion of the journalist, she then opted for exasperated, saying she was confused and blaming a Freudian slip. Perhaps it would have been better to admit from the beginning that he didn’t get the right verb right and close it there, without the sad attempt to scramble the mirrors in a bad way.

Azzolina’s sentence had also immediately outraged social networks, precisely because of the choice of the verb which, according to many, would not have been suitable for a former Minister of Education. We recall that the Litigation Commission has decided to re-recognize the annuity a Roberto Formigoni and in the Senate, the choice of the juridical body of Palazzo Madama sent the 5-star Movement into a rage. But the appeal presented by the former president of the Lombardy Region was considered fully founded.


Sweetened Azzolinas blunder

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