Sarri against Mourinho, Rome already goes crazy for the derby of the benches

The Lazio fans breathed a deep sigh of relief. Regenerating despite the cloud of smoke in the air that announced the landing of Maurizio Sarri on the biancoceleste bench. The Lazio people had gone apnea, from the day of the surprise announcement of Josè Mourinho to Rome. A blow to the pit of the stomach, one of those that take your breath away. Breathless in the vain wait for the renewal of Simone Inzaghi, the leader of five seasons studded with some trophies, since his return to the Champions League and with the last two lived and finished over the heads of his cousins.

Negative closure for SS Lazio on the day of Sarri’s officialization

Roma more than a month ago, on May 4, she started again pushing hard on the accelerator announcing the Special One of Inter’s Treble. Favorite technician, guess what ?, right in Sarri, seduced and abandoned by the Friedkins. And Lazio? Firm, prisoner of the always long and complicated negotiations of her master Claudio Lotito. In the city, the mural of the Portuguese appeared on board a Vespa … Special on the style of Gregory Peck in Roman Holidays, the ice cream parlors reopened, inaugurating the Mou taste, the Italian and foreign media dedicated pages and reports to the new destination of the coach, veteran from the exemption from Tottenham.

Here, the exemptions. It is logical and normal for Lazio fans to cling to the words of their ancient leader Paolo Di Canio: “Mourinho is boiled, now he only collects exemptions”. The “stolen” audio of the former striker, now a commentator Sky, made the rounds of cell phones via WhattsApp, convincing those who needed it that the Roma strike doesn’t necessarily mean a victory for the Giallorossi.

Yes, but Lazio? Here is the answer: Sarri. Lotito surprised everyone this time, like Friedkin’s sudden blow. King Claudius, ruler of Formello and Villa San Sebastiano (with plots in Salerno being forced to dispose of), has finally opened his treasure chest and given his subjects a purchase of indisputable quality. The Tuscan technician is a Top Class. His game, the “Sarri-ball” as the English defined it between the admired and the scarcial during his experience at Chelsea, is of the highest quality and has also proved to be a winner. He amazed with Empoli; he enchanted with Napoli; he won with the Blues and with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juve.

Today it is a riot of cigarette butts, in spite of the anti-smoking campaign, an addiction that still jeopardizes the health of millions of people and that must always be fought. But spend the “recreation”, with finished cigarettes, in the memes, even in the beak of the Olimpya eagle to celebrate the arrival of the Tuscan. And in the city, together with the butts, the derby has also been rekindled thanks to social media, a bit dormant lately. So here is Sarri Easy Rider whizzing on a Harley next to the Mou on the vespetta; or the Commander spitting his cloud of smoke in the face of the Mou always aboard the inevitable Vespa. And then, strong point, the face to face (the only one so far) in that Chelsea-United finished 2-2 with the draw of the Blues at 90 ° and Mourinho’s shot towards the rival bench, which he said had exulted in offensive manner. Yes, yes: it is already Rome-Lazio and, to be honest, we can’t wait to turn off the butts and enjoy the show of the before-during and after 90 °.

Lazio, after Sarri it’s time for the transfer market: Loftus Cheek and Boateng in the sights of Lotito and Tare

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