Amref Health Africa – Copywriter & content specialist – Italy – Cooperation info

Amref Health Africa – Copywriter & content specialist – Italy – Cooperation info
Amref Health Africa – Copywriter & content specialist – Italy – Cooperation info

Amref Health Africa Onlus is selecting a / a Copywriter & content specialist to be included in its operations in Italy. time months. Application deadline 30/06/2021

Ruolo: Copywriter & content specialist

Sector: Communication and Fundraising

Area: Communication

Place of work: Rome (+ national and international transfers)

Purpose of the function:

The Content writer is responsible for managing the production and distribution of content, on and off line and the various formats (text, images, video, audio) and guarantees the consistency of the contents conveyed by the Organization in its various communication and fundraising activities and with the brand positioning. The Content specifically deals with finding, with the support of the Liaison Officer, the contents of the Programs (project contents, stories and testimonies, data, etc.) and the activities of the Organization and processing them into communication products (texts, audio and videos) with the aim of satisfying the needs of all areas / sectors of the Organization, on the basis of structured requests and an annual program of activities. The Content works with Art for the graphic layout of the texts or supports the other figures involved in the creation of multimedia products. It deals with carrying out copy activities. It is the responsibility of the Content to ensure the consistency of the contents and products with the guidelines of the Communication and with the Policies of the Organization and the coordination of external suppliers for the production of materials and products. Content contributes to the Organization’s communication strategy by elaborating and suggesting improvements and innovations in the production of products and contents.

Report to the Hub Referent

Activities / Tasks:

  • Processing of texts and contents of a general nature and of multisectoral utility such as: in-depth sheets / dossier, collection of data, stories and testimonies
  • Declination of content in texts for communication and FR products such as: mailing, newsletter, DEM, leaflet, gadget, presentations, website and landing page, etc.
  • Processing and / or supervision of scripts and texts for multimedia products
  • Management of external suppliers, such as copy consultants and agencies for audio / video products in the various sectors
  • Drafting and editing of the contents of the Magazine
  • Translation and editing of communication content from the Amref Health Africa Headquarters and from other Family Countries
  • Participation in the communication tables of the Family, integration and harmonization of the related communication materials.

Technical skills required to play the role

  • Consolidated copywriting and content management skills
  • Good knowledge of editing technologies and software and excellent ability to manage the process of conception and post-production of multimedia materials
  • Excellent ability to conceive, draft and supervise scripts and texts for audio video products and digital campaigns
  • Excellent writing skills and knowledge of the different writing techniques (institutional, advertising, direct, etc.)
  • Excellent knowledge of the main IT tools and technical tools necessary for an effective performance of the role
  • Ability to organize and implement work plans
  • Fluency in English.

Transversal / behavioral skills required to play the role

  • Ability to work under pressure and to prioritize any overloads
  • Ability to work in a team and to manage intersectoral communication flows
  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Ability to coordinate and manage external suppliers and agencies
  • Project management.


Candidates interested and in possession of the required requisites are requested to send their own Curriculum Vitae and motivational letter, including references, to the e-mail address [email protected], with authorization for the processing of personal data pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/03 and reference to Law 15/68 art. 26 with regard to false declarations and falsification of documents, specifying in the subject the position for which you are applying.

Not being able to reply to all, Amref thanks as of the time of sending; we will only contact the selected candidates directly to continue the selection process.

Amref conducts transparent, non-discriminatory and gender-friendly selection processes, pursuant to laws 903/77 and 125/91.

For more information, visit the website in the “Collaborate with us” section.


Amref Health Africa Copywriter content specialist Italy Cooperation info

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