with whom they pinch the former Juve – Libero Quotidiano

with whom they pinch the former Juve – Libero Quotidiano
with whom they pinch the former Juve – Libero Quotidiano

A few days before the primary of the center of the city of Torino, the civic candidate of the Democratic Party Francesco Tresso met in the morning today, June 9, 2021, the former Juventus player Claudio Marchisio. “A Turin with whom I share the love for the city and who cares about the future of Turin” wrote Tresso in a post shared on Facebook that immortalizes the meeting. “Claudio has shown great sensitivity and attention to many issues that are also a priority in our program and represents an example of precious and necessary civicism”, added the candidate.

In the photo posted on their Facebook profile, Tresso and Marchisio can be seen sitting at the table with the newspapers in front of them ready to be leafed through for the “usual reading of the newspapers”. The “prince” had even been compared to the role of mayor in recent months, following a strong political stance. A combination that the former Juventus midfielder soon denied on his social networks: “What I find incredible is that he must also respond to these absurdities. Politics is serious business. So please let’s be serious “Marchisio wrote on social media.

However, this did not deny Marchisio to support the Democratic candidate in the next elections. Among the endorsements also that of the Ecologist Left and the local Civic Network of administrators of Northern Italy. Finally, yesterday also received support from the former minister of the Democratic Party, the economist Paolo Verri. The election campaign is getting underway and the support of personalities with a notable following such as Claudio Marchisio could prove to be a winning move. The musician’s endorsement came from the world of entertainment Max Casacci. Only on Instagram the prince can boast a following of 4.8 million followers. Of course, not all of Turin, but anyway …

For sure, the photo posted by Marchisio raises the suspicion: is there a future for him in the Democratic Party? A suspicion that has become overwhelmingly topical after the ex-football player’s outburst in the case of Seid Visin: “We all suck”, said Marchisio joining the chorus of those who pointed the finger against racism for the suicide of the young athlete.

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pinch Juve Libero Quotidiano

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