in 3 months collected about 40 thousand liters of used oil

Wednesday 9 June 2021 – 16:22

Rome, Ama: about 40 thousand liters of used oil collected in 3 months

“27% more than last year”

Rome, June 9 (askanews) – Virtuous and increasingly “green” Roman families. The free separate collection of used vegetable oils from domestic users is growing in Rome. In the last 3 months alone (March, April and May), in fact, about 40 thousand liters of cooking oil have been correctly delivered: 27% more than in the same period last year, when about 31 thousand were delivered. There are a total of 100, including Collection Centers, local markets, schools, the sites currently with dedicated areas available to the Romans to properly dispose of this particular type of material. In addition, periodically, initiatives are carried out for the free collection of bulky, electrical and particular materials with mobile collection centers, which also include ad hoc bins for used cooking oil. All useful information can be found on the website Ama communicates it in a note. To confer this particular type of waste, citizens can use a small tank or any plastic bottle, following some precautions: if it is frying oil, wait for it to cool; pour it into the bottle / tank using a funnel and a filter; screw the cap well; take it to one of the collection points and empty it into the appropriate container. The bottle can then be used again to collect the vegetable oil or delivered (well emptied) in the container dedicated to plastic and metal packaging (multi-material). “Thanks to the initiatives implemented, in agreement with Roma Capitale – declares the sole director of Ama, Stefano Zaghis -, already in 2020 a total of 20 thousand liters of used cooking oil were recovered compared to 2019 and 60 thousand more compared to 2018. All this, despite the severe limitations imposed due to the health emergency by Covid-19. I thank the Roman citizens and invite them to continue with commitment and attention to use these collection points, through which it is possible to recover and reuse a type of waste that, if not properly treated, has harmful impacts on the environment around us “, concludes.


months collected thousand liters oil

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