Comunali Rome, the center-right finds the agreement: Enrico Michetti is the mayoral candidate, ticket with Simonetta Matone

Enrico Michetti is the mayoral candidate of center right in Rome. After months of totonomi e friction internal, the three parties managed to find the quadra in today’s summit. The agreement provides for Michetti’s candidacy in ticket with the magistrate Simonetta Matone who will be deputy mayor. Paolo Damilano is confirmed instead as candidate for mayor a Torino. Another piece concerns the candidacy for the Calabria Region which, the center-right assures, will be made official within the week. Up Milano instead still everything is silent.

Teacher of law e speaker radio, Michetti is also a lawyer and entrepreneur: as told by Daily fact, his resume is long well 18 pages. As a lawyer since 1996 he has defended hundreds of local Lazio administrators, as well as Piero Marrazzo, the Region, the Atac and the ASL from the claims of accounting justice. His law firm is in via Giovanni Nicotera in Rome. The “Administrative Gazette Foundation”, The nerve center of a thriving industry of services for the public administration. The Court of Auditors of Lazio investigates precisely for some millionaire contracts entrusted to the “Gazzetta” by public bodies without competition.

Almost a setback for those who are also a professor at the University of Cassino Local government law. Without forgetting the Michetti speaker and tribune: in one of his performance in a broadcast a Radio Radio wanted to re-evaluate the Roman salute Why “more hygienic“, Arguing that the outstretched arm was a solution to greet people in time of Covid:” If for someone for whom the story begins in 1917 with the Russian Revolution, that gesture is reminiscent of fascism and Nazism is his problem ”, said the current center-right candidate for mayor.

Michetti now describes himself as “happy and excited, grateful for the trust shown these days, for affection received”. “Now is the time to give back to Eternal City what he deserves, the role of caput mundi “, he tells theAdnkronos. For the coordinator of Forza Italia Antonio Tajani the Michetti-Matone duo is “the best solution to win”, while Matteo Salvini underlines the “full harmony” in the choice. Giorgia Meloni speaks of “two extraordinary professionals” but “also capable of speak with citizens ”: the leader of Brothers of Italy, which aims to confirm itself first force of the coalition in the capital, for some time now sponsored Michetti as a “civic candidate”.

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