Michetti candidate for mayor with Matone prosindaco – Il Tempo

Michetti candidate for mayor with Matone prosindaco – Il Tempo
Michetti candidate for mayor with Matone prosindaco – Il Tempo

The center-right after weeks of stalemate has chosen the candidate for mayor of Rome. Not a single name, but a ticket, the one that came out of the summit on Wednesday 9 June between Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia. Enrico Michetti candidate for the Capitol, in combination with Simonetta Matone as pros-mayor. “As promised, the center-right has a candidate, indeed a winning team over Rome” announced Lega leader Matteo Salvini at the end of the summit in Rome. “Next week we will present the team for Rome and I can’t wait. Enrico Michetti will be the candidate for mayor, Simonetta Matone the pro mayor, I spoke to him. We will see about Vittorio Sgarbi as councilor for Culture. We are forming a team on Rome” he said. concluded the leader of the League.

The person concerned, Enrico Michetti, administrative lawyer and popular radio voice, commented: “I am happy and excited, grateful for the trust shown in these days, for the affection received. Now is the time to give back to the Eternal City what it deserves. , the role of caput mund, “he told AdnKronos.

In the center-right summit, Paolo Damilano was chosen as the mayoral candidate in Turin. The candidacy for the Calabria Region will be made official within the week.

Returning to Rome, what is meant by a ticket with a pros-mayor, in this case Martone, a former magistrate? The title was present in national legislation until 1990 when it was foreseen the election as a pros-mayor called to perform the functions of officer that belong to the mayor. Since ’99 in the legislative seat, the pros-mayor and the consultors – another position to support the administrators of municipalities and municipalities – are no longer mentioned and remain in some municipal statutes as an honorary office. A circumstance that will cause discussion.

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Michetti candidate mayor Matone prosindaco Tempo

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