Municipal, agreement in the center-right: Michetti in Rome, Damilano in Turin

09 June 2021 17:10

Meloni: “Extraordinary professionals, great steps forward. The center-right is compact and works to win.” Salvini: “Wednesday we close on Milan and Bologna”

Melons: “Michetti-Matone extraordinary, compact center-right” – Enthusiastic about the two Roman candidates, the leader of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni, commenting: “Michetti and Matone are two extraordinary professionals, with extraordinary curriculum, but also capable of speaking with citizens. We have made great strides: the center-right is compact. and work to win “. Then he adds: “We thank Michetti-Matone for making himself available. We will revive Rome after the Virginia Raggi disaster”.

Salvini: Wednesday we close on Milan and Bologna – The Northern League secretary also announced that “the candidacy for the Calabria Region will be made official within the week”. And he also added: “We have reconvened for next Wednesday and we will close on Milan and Bologna”.

Tajani: “Center-right united” – According to Forza Italia coordinator Antonio Tajani, “the Michetti-Matone ticket is the best solution to win in Rome” for a center-right who, he stresses, is “united”.


Municipal agreement centerright Michetti Rome Damilano Turin

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