Center-right, there is the agreement on Rome: Michetti candidate for mayor, Matone deputy. Official Damilano for Turin

The agreement is there: Enrico Michetti will be the candidate for mayor of the center-right in Rome. The official decision came during the summit of the center-right. The magistrate Simonetta Matone instead she is the deputy mayor candidate. For Turin there is official status: the candidate is Paolo Damilano, as confirmed Matteo Salvini: “Full harmony in the center-right that has chosen Enrico Michetti as candidate for mayor for Roma Capitale, in ticket with Simonetta Matone who will be prosecutor. Paolo From Milan is the mayoral candidate in Turin. Within the week the candidacy for the Calabria Region will be made official. “Not only that. Also for Milan and Bologna we need a few more days.” We have reconvened for next Wednesday and we will decide “, added Salvini.

Municipal, Enrico Michetti: the tribune of the Roman radios that Meloni likes so much. “Flattered if it’s my turn”

by Mauro Favale

May 24, 2021

The question of candidates for mayors was the knot to be solved today at the top of the center-right leaders, in which in addition to the Northern League secretary, also Antonio Tajani for Forza Italia e Giorgia Meloni for Brothers of Italy. Also present were the so-called ‘little ones’: ‘Courage Italy’ with the senator Gaetano Quagliariello and the ‘new purchase’ Emilio Carelli, formerly five stars, Udc Noi with Italy and ‘Renaissance’ of Vittorio Sgarbi.

“A center right compact, working to win. Today we decided on the candidacy of two civic forces for the capital of Italy, one for the mayor and one for the deputy mayor, whom we thank “, is the comment of Giorgia Meloni at the end of the table of the center right to the Palace of the Chamber Groups.

Municipal, no name for Milan from the center-right summit: decision postponed to next week

by Andrea Montanari

09 June 2021

In the capital there will therefore be a Michetti-Matone ticket. “Then we will think about the team,” said the leader of the League. So while for Rome and Turin the situation seems to be unblocked, the same cannot be said for Milan. The center-right will take another week of time to decide who will challenge Beppe Sala and the other candidates for the Milan administrative offices in the autumn.

A day, for the center-right, also marked by another agreement: the election of adolph bear to the presidency of Copasir, which puts a point in the long tug-of-war between Lega and FdI. The exponent of the Brothers of Italy thus takes the place of the Northern League Raffaele Volpi, who resigned a few weeks ago. The party of Giorgia Meloni he therefore managed to snatch the Copasir presidency from the Carroccio, a result that the loyalists of Matteo Salvini they tried to avoid until the last.


Centerright agreement Rome Michetti candidate mayor Matone deputy Official Damilano Turin

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