Pizza vending machine in Rome, that’s how much it costs. And the New York Times promotes the idea

Pizza vending machine in Rome, that’s how much it costs. And the New York Times promotes the idea
Pizza vending machine in Rome, that’s how much it costs. And the New York Times promotes the idea

A pizza vending machine in the very center of Roma: a certainly original idea, which ended up on the front page of the international edition of New York Times, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world. “Could the Romans eat a pizza made from a vending machine?” Asks the New York newspaper. The reference is to the automatic “non-handmade” pizza dispenser installed a few steps from Bologna square in the university district of the capital.

“I’m not trying to compete with pizzerias, I’m proposing an alternative,” he explained to Now the businessman Massimo Bucolo, promoter of the project. According to reports from the newspaper – which wonders about the eventual success of the initiative – traditional Italian pizza makers and critics are quite skeptical, but they might appreciate “the adventurous spirit that Mr. Bucolo is sure he can inspire with his vending machine”.

«Romans always eat pizza – writes Elisabetta Povoledo in the New York Times – At lunch they make pizza by the slice, cut with scissors to the desired size and stuffed with toppings. They have a snack with white pizza, with nothing on it, or with red pizza, with only tomato sauce, or with small pizzas. The “Pizza scrocchiarella”, round and thin crust, the one that Americans might recognize best, is almost always reserved for dinner. Basically, the Romans will eat pizza, here and there, they will eat it everywhere. But could they eat it from a vending machine?. Massimo Bucolo, a medical device trader who became a pizza entrepreneur, is betting they will do so ».

The Now also mentions Renzo Panattoni, owner of one of the oldest pizzerias in the city, according to which that of Bucolo «it has nothing to do with traditional pizzaAnd that he is confident that the Romans “will remain faithful to the classic version, with a thin crust, even if the higher Neapolitan pizza has often made its way into the city”. “Journalists and food bloggers have turned up their noses – continues the article in the American newspaper – but the critics can count on the sense of adventure that Bucolo is sure that the fiery red distributor can inspire”. The Margherita costs 4.50 euros, while the most expensive, the four-cheese pizza, costs 6 euros. “It will always be better than frozen pizzas from the supermarket,” commented one of the distributor’s customers. Whether or not it will be successful is all to be seen.

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Pizza vending machine Rome costs York Times promotes idea

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