Esendex, a suite for Business Messaging via mobile, arrives in Italy

Esendex, a suite for Business Messaging via mobile, arrives in Italy
Esendex, a suite for Business Messaging via mobile, arrives in Italy

The Commify Group, active in Europe in instant messaging solutions for business, launches the Esendex platform in Italy, a complete suite of tools and customized multi-channel solutions to create effective conversations via mobile, in every area of ​​business.

After years of overseeing the market through two local brands – Mobyt and Trendoo – acquired in 2016, the Commify Group has decided to unify its premium range offer under the global Esendex brand which, since its creation in 2001 in the United Kingdom, has constantly evolved, increasing its business year on year by 25% and establishing itself in the main European countries and Australia.

In Italy, the use of mobile messaging for companies is growing

The launch takes place in a year that, in Italy, the use of smartphones has seen further growth which in 2020 marked a + 4.5% compared to the previous year (Source: Mobile B2c Strategy Observatory, School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, March 2021) bringing mobile communication increasingly at the center of the strategies of companies and organizations of all sizes and sectors.

With 35.1 million active users, in Italy the smartphone is the most widespread and used device and the privileged access channel to get in touch with people in a wide range of uses (Source: Mobile B2c Strategy Observatory, Polimi School of Management, March 2021).

Instant messaging, in particular, turned out to be the more effective channel to always stay connected with users and customers, for all applications: again in 2020, Italian companies and organizations sent 5.3 billion instant messages (Source: Mobile B2c Strategy Observatory, Polimi School of Management, April 2021), which – with an open rate 93.3% – are particularly effective and appreciated.

Data from a Pwc research

On the occasion of the launch of Esendex in Italy, the company disseminated the results of one recent research carried out in collaboration with PWC on a sample of 4,300 companies in Europe, UK and Asia Pacific.

The analysis shows that mobile messaging is increasingly used by businesses, especially in Italy. In fact, if, on average, 47% of the international companies interviewed get in touch with customers via mobile phones, in our country the companies that claim to use instant messaging services are 52% of the sample, with a prevalence among companies with more than 250 employees (62%) compared to SMEs (45%).

“The data speak for themselves, instant messaging via mobile in all its forms is currently among the best solutions for business communication of the future, and will be increasingly so”, comments on Esendex, Carmine Scandale, General Manager of Commify Italia. “The needs and habits of people are changing rapidly: to keep up with the times, companies must be ready to respond with the most appropriate tools that allow immediate, direct and effective interactions”.

But what are the areas of greatest application of instant messaging for business? One-to-one interactions are used for dozens of purposes within different business processes: among the most common are thesending emergency alerts and communications (used by 21% of respondents), the notifications and reminders for customers (19%), the business process management (19%) and the Champagne at marketing (19%), as well as the purchase confirmations or the number of tracking of shipments, the sollecito of payments, the receipt of feedback and the identity verification.

Esendex’s research also investigated the reasons that push companies to chooseSMS as a channel of preference for business communications: 25% indicate the effectiveness of communication as the main reason, followed by the high potential for personalization of the message (22%). SMS, in fact, can be sent on any mobile phone, they are rarely perceived
as spam and are therefore particularly effective for developing personalized one-to-one messages and emerging from the hundreds of communications received every day by users on all types of devices.

Esendex, how it works

Thanks to direct connections with operators and a cutting-edge SMS platform developed in-house, Esendex provides companies not only SMS, but also new rich messaging solutions that also include Whatsapp Business, chatbot, landing page and other solutions to create conversations and make effective mobile transactions.

In addition, thanks to the expertise of an international team of experts, Esendex also introduces a tailor-made, consultative and personalized service – Mobile Journey – designed to accompany companies in the implementation of the most effective strategies and methods of one-to-one interaction via mobile with their customers.

Esendex Live! For the first time in Italy

On the occasion of the launch of the Esendex platform on the Italian market, the company also brings its format to Italy for the first time Esendex Live !, a digital event focused on “Digital Transform-Action” which will be attended by authoritative speakers experts in marketing, technology, psychology.

The main theme of the event, scheduled for June 16 at 2.30pm, will be “The Human Side of Technology“And the focus will be on analyzing the advantages of digital forms of communication that are ever closer to people, which make technological interaction more human and personal.

Esendex Live! it will consist of an introductory speech in plenary by Carmine Scandale, followed by a series of speeches divided into three macro-categories to which as many rooms are dedicated: Digital, Technology, Human. Among the guests are Rudy Bandiera, Andrea Barchiesi, Angela Sebastianelli and many others.

“With Esendex we want to be a reference partner for the many Italian companies wishing to implement multi-channel strategies to strengthen relationships with their customers and interlocutors”, concludes Scandale. “Thanks to the new frontiers of mobile messaging, it is now possible to reach anyone instantly and personalized, improving the service and increasing engagement”.

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