will be tried for circumvention of incapacity – Corriere.it

will be tried for circumvention of incapacity – Corriere.it
will be tried for circumvention of incapacity – Corriere.it

Simone Caminada, the assistant of the philosopher Gianni Vattimo, will be tried for circumvention of incapacity. This was decided this morning, June 9, by the gup Ferrero. The trial will open on October 27th. According to the judge there would be enough elements to argue that Caminada has “plagiarized” the theorist of weak thinking. According to the accusation, supported by the prosecutor Giulia Rizzo, Caminada would have taken advantage of the “psychic fragility” of Vattimo to manage and lighten the philosopher’s patrimony.

In the indictment, Caminada (defended by the lawyers Giacomo Gribaudi and Andrea Merlino Ferrero) he is described as a man who allegedly took advantage of Vattimo’s generosity. In fact, it would have induced him “to carry out harmful actions for his own assets and for potential heirs”: transfers made out to the assistant’s mother for amounts exceeding his monthly salary and expenses “unjustified with respect to the standard of living that entailed the erosion of assets for 60 thousand euros “. Not only that, Caminada would have forced the writer to subscribe a life insurance policy of 415 thousand euros of which he is 40 per cent beneficiary, as well as a will in which he named him heir “by arranging in his favor clocks, works of art, paintings” and other valuables, including a notebook by Fidel Castro.

A reconstruction rejected not only by Caminada but by Vattimo himself, who has always said he is ready to testify on behalf of the assistant: «I trust him. I have never doubted. I have always been a very generous man. When Simone limited my donations he antagonized many people, including those who accuse him today ». Vattimo also claims his decision-making autonomy: «At my age I believe I have the right to live as I wish. I believe that there is from the judiciary a form of persistence“. “We will defend ourselves in the trial – said Caminada at the end of the hearing -. In the meantime, we will think about spending a quiet summer. Then we will bring all the friends to testify ».

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June 9, 2021 | 13:24



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