The assistant of the philosopher Vattimo was sent back for trial: “He plagiarized him”

Simone Caminada, Gianni Vattimo’s handyman assistant, was sent to trial, accused of having made him “constant suggestions and moral pressure” to take away his assets and be appointed heir. The judge for the preliminary hearing Claudio Ferrero therefore decided that the elements of the accusation of circumvention of incapacitated incapacitated in the courtroom by the prosecutor Giulia Rizzo are in existence. The trial will begin on October 27. According to the prosecutor, Caminada would have taken advantage of a psychic fragility of the famous philosopher and above all of his generosity, to deprive him of friends stealing money from him and also having insurance policies registered in the name of a psychiatric report by the psychiatrist Franco Freilone indicated Vattimo as being circumventable.

Vattimo and Caminada

The 37-year-old Brazilian handyman who has been helping the professor in all his activities since 2015 commented on the decision as follows: “We will defend ourselves in the trial, Vattimo’s friends who are disinterested in his heritage will come to testify and they will explain how things stand. In the meantime we will have a good summer ”. Outside the courtroom, Caminada shows Fidel Castro’s notebook which the prosecutor claims was “stolen from Vattimo” by him along with other valuables. “It is just a notepad that can have at most an emotional value, there are notes taken on appliances that Fidel Castro had tried that day” explains the assistant who continues to live with the philosopher. “We argued that there were no elements supporting the thesis of circumvenibility and had asked for an acquittal. An appraisal also gives us reason in civil law ”explained the defenders Giacomo Gribaudi and Andrea Ferrero Merlino,“ the judge here decided otherwise, but this is only a procedural step, we will defend ourselves strenuously at the trial ”.

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