The ferocity of the thieves: so they killed the owner

The ferocity of the thieves: so they killed the owner
The ferocity of the thieves: so they killed the owner

This morning in Piossasco, in via del Campetto 33, in the Turin area, the carabinieri, together with the 118 health workers, intervened to help the owner of a house, who initially seemed taken ill, after having surprised some thieves in the apartment. Despite a resuscitation attempt, the man passed away. The victim is a 50-year-old architect, Roberto Mottura. During the investigations, the military found a cartridge case that would have been fired by a criminal following a fight with the victim, who may have been hit in the stomach. The examination of the dead body It is still in progress. On the spot the carabinieri of the investigative nucleus of the provincial command of Turin and of the company of Moncalieri.

From the first investigations, it seems at least two thieves who this night, in Piossasco, entered the home of a 50-year-old architect, who after having surprised the criminals was killed with a small-caliber pistol shot at him. abdomen. From an initial reconstruction, the thieves managed to enter the house by breaking the door of one window, which is two meters high from the road. Immediately surprised by the owner inside the house, the criminals were unable to steal anything. The carabinieri investigate the episode, with the provincial commander Francesco Rizzo who reached the crime scene this morning.



ferocity thieves killed owner

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