Discos, close agreement: towards reopening in July with green pass – Chronicle

Discos, close agreement: towards reopening in July with green pass – Chronicle
Discos, close agreement: towards reopening in July with green pass – Chronicle

Rome, 8 June 2021 – Discos: an attempt is made to undo the knot reopening. The night entertainment sector has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic since Coronavirus and, after more than a year of closure, with the vaccination campaign progressing at a good pace and the epidemic curve going down (here today’s bulletin), he is now asking to get back on track. At least from 1st July, was the request of the League. While the Conference of Regions had proposed to use the green pass to allow safe fun. And these are precisely the hypotheses that emerged from the meeting at Ministry of Health between the undersecretary Andrea Costa and the Silb, the union of ballroom managers: restarting discos in white area from July with the green pass, even having another 20 days of vaccinations available for young people to reach a safety threshold such as to be able to open the activities. All with any differentiations between external or internal. And, in the latter case, with reduced capacity. It would then keep the mask, at least in a first phase, excluding the moment of the dance.

The goal now, according to what we learn, is to resubmit a protocol to the CTS which contains these provisions, within a couple of days, so that it will be evaluated shortly by the Technical Scientific Committee.

Costa: “Conditions to reopen in July”

“It was a very useful meeting. I met people willing to share a path for the reopening of discos, in the awareness that it cannot happen overnight but must be gradual. When I proposed to work together to give us the goal of reopen in July, I found maximum openness. “So the Undersecretary of Health at Ansa Andrea Costa, at the end of the meeting held tonight at the Ministry with the Silb, the union of ballroom managers. Politics, he reiterated, “has a duty to give an answer to this sector which offers work to 100,000 employees in our work and has been closed for 16 months. It is normal that it needs a date to see a time horizon for recovery. distancing is not a solution, the green pass I think it can also be applied to discos, differentiating between indoor and outdoor venues, an issue on which the managers are open “. The latter, for their part, he continued,” have made commitments to submit a protocol to CTS and I will urge the latter to express himself as soon as possible, adding comments and possibly modifications. And also from the standpoint of broadcast control and tracking, it’s easier to control 100 guys in a club than outside. Giving an answer helps us to relax the climate. We are facing opportunities and we must give an answer. “Opening in July, he concluded,” also means having a millions more vaccines administered because we have another 21 days ahead. And on the other hand, if the message is passed that getting vaccinated means regaining compressed portions of freedom, I believe this could represent a stimulus to get vaccinated for still skeptical citizens “.

Fedriga: “Green pass for discos”

And the pressure continues also from the Conference of the Regions, which he proposed, the president said Massimiliano Fedriga, to use the ‘green-pass’ for discos. “This has two beneficial effects – explained the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia -: one to carry out the activity safely, and the second to encourage participation in the vaccination campaign”. “On this – he added – I hope there is also an opening on the part of the Ministry of Health, because the steps towards normality must be combined with vaccines. If instead we say ‘you have to participate in the vaccination campaign, but in any case you will not return to normality. never ‘, I don’t think it’s a success for people to join in. We have to make it clear – concluded the president – that con i vaccines can return to normal, because it is so: it is enough to see Israel “.

Salvini: “Reopen on July 1st”

The Lega is also on the same line. And it is right between the leader, Matteo Salvini, and the president of Silb-Fipe, Maurizio Pasca, who held a meeting for the leading organization of the night entertainment sector and the needs of the different venues. The demand of the sector – which has 100 thousand jobs, 3 thousand local and a turnover of 2 billion – is reopen on July 1st, when there will no longer be a national curfew. Salvini, according to a note from the League, stressed that even the local administrators of the League, starting with the governors, are aligned and in favor. “We want to guarantee controlled, safe and reasonable fun”, assured Salvini.

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