The pain of Seid’s mother silences the do-gooders

The pain of Seid’s mother silences the do-gooders
The pain of Seid’s mother silences the do-gooders

Stop. Stop. Stop. Put the squid, the feathers, the brushes away. Shut down the computers, stop banging your fingers on the keyboard. And think about it. Listen to Mom’s words for two minutes Seid Vesin, the young AC Milan promise who committed suicide a few days ago. Detach yourself from your painting in which you represent xenophobic Italy and let yourself be hammered by the cry of that woman, exhausted by the lies created around the extreme gesture of the beloved adopted son: “Close, close, resign yourself, give yourselves peace. The sad end of Seid is not due to what you are writing. Absolutely not”.

The scream is addressed to the cameras, but look into the eyes of the wise VIP writers capable of seeing discrimination even where there is none. It is a tragic, unexpected appeal, all in all not obvious. Who could ever blame the parents if they wanted to link suicide to that 2019 letter? Or what if they wanted to ride the indignation of segregation preachers? Nobody. We would have understood it. Certainly that “outburst” caused by the “climate that was breathed in Italy” was true, sincere, a source of reflection if you will. But unrelated to his suicide. The father said so (“my son did not kill himself because he was a victim of racism”), My mother repeated yesterday: the discomfort began during the lockdown, perhaps due to the closures. Not because they are discriminated against. But who knows? Who can understand the pain of living in a suicide, especially when he is young? Who can understand the shadows that will have massed in his mind? “Seid began to experience discomfort the moment he remembered his past, what life is like in Ethiopia and Africa, what you are running away from. That past of his has become an obsession, it has grown bigger in his mind every day ”. And he “got to a point where he couldn’t handle it anymore.” End.

Seid fought against discrimination? Yes. Was he a “champion of justice”? Of course. Did he take sides in defense of the adoption of gay couples? Also. But this does not mean that all this led to his death. Dad and mom are asking to stop with “speculation”. They invite everyone to respect the “personal issues” that led Seid into the blackest darkness of death. And yet some continue to strike the nail of discrimination undeterred. Michela Murgia, several hours after father’s denials. And it was just the latest in a long list. The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, had asked for “forgiveness” in two tweets too hasty to be justified. Claudio Marchisio he had already marked us as all “a little” disgusting even before knowing the implications of the story. IS Roberto Saviano he had defined the “proud racists” Salvini and Meloni as “clowns”, essentially pointed out as “responsible” for the suicide: “You will deal with your conscience”. Why, why, why? Why do we need every time to transform even facts that should remain in the pain and memory of loved ones into controversy? Listen to those words, jeez: “Resign yourselves, give yourselves peace. The sad end of Seid is not due to what you are writing ”. Not enough for you? Death is not due to “systemic racism“Of the Murgia. The policies of Meloni and Salvini did not provoke it. They are not the fruit of a country unable to welcome foreigners. Here, then let’s do this: the singers of the alleged segregation analyze the woman’s interview. They admit the mistake. Maybe take a step back. And if they can, let them be a little ashamed.


pain Seids mother silences dogooders

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