Omceo Rome: good increase in specialist posts, but NHS is more attractive

Omceo Rome: good increase in specialist posts, but NHS is more attractive
Omceo Rome: good increase in specialist posts, but NHS is more attractive

Rome, June 8 – “Increasing the number of specialization grants is fundamental but not sufficient: we need a more attractive National Health Service from the point of view of pay and working methods”. This is how the president of the Order of Doctors of Rome, Antonio Magi, replies on the agreement approved by the State-Regions Conference for the redefinition of the needs of specialist doctors to be trained in the three-year period 2020/2023. In particular, there are over 38,900 places in schools, 13 thousand more than in the previous three years.

“Many young specialists prefer to work as a freelancer or even go abroad – continues Mag- where they are offered stable and more remunerative employment contracts that allow them to plan the future and a family”.

As for salaries, in particular, Italian doctors earn “a quarter compared to colleagues from other European countries, even though they carry out the same activities, and this is not good”.

According to the president of Omceo Rome, therefore, it is necessary to give “young colleagues who will specialize the opportunity to find a right position”, also in view of the fact that “within 3-4 years 50% of specialist doctors will retire” , Magi points out. The specialists today “are already few and the numbers will not cover the generational turnover which will once again be deficient”.

Furthermore, according to Magi it is necessary “to go and see which are the most deficient specialist branches: trainees should in fact be directed to those who have the greatest need to be covered, otherwise training gaps are created, with the risk of having many specialists in a matter and maybe none or almost in another “.

All this will then be framed in “a reform of training not only specialized but also professional, in such a way as to avoid in the future the training funnel that exists today”.

Will the increase in places for specialization grants alone therefore not be able to solve the problem of the training funnel? “Alone, no, because certainly the number of members is higher than the scholarships that are offered- replies Magi. Already now many hospital and outpatient specialist competitions are going vacant due to the lack of specialists. “

“And this is not good, also considering, I repeat, the flight of young people abroad. Not to mention that about 70% of young doctors are women, so work needs are changing, or rather must change. “

“Medicine is more and more women and so we need to think as soon as possible of a health organization that adapts to the female gender and that allows women to reconcile working life with family life”, concludes Magi.

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