The Horizon we look at: 17 reasons why, collective photographic exhibition

The Horizon we look at: 17 reasons why, collective photographic exhibition
The Horizon we look at: 17 reasons why, collective photographic exhibition

Milano – From 10 to 17 June 2021 in the new headquarters of the Brera of the gallery Made4Art in Milan the collective photographic exhibition is set up The Horizon we look at: 17 reasons why of the 3M Foundation. Through 17 shots, 3M Foundation wants to represent the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations and explore the future of environmental and social sustainability.

Milano – Interpreting through photographs i 17 objectives of the UN sustainable development project – ranging from the defeat of poverty and hunger to the need for clean and sustainable energy, from the right to decent work to gender equality – represents a real challenge because, if the words have the advantage of being able to analytically describe the themes, the images they can only do it in a synthetic way. It was therefore decided to choose, and in some cases to have made specifically, shots capable of capturing attention and inducing the observer to reflect on the messages they allude to. Even the works that seem more descriptive have elements of complexity to be discovered.

Milano – Graziano Perotti, Alberto Bregani, Fabio Zonta, Raul Iacometti, Elisabetta Biggi cats, Benedetta Pischneider, Giancarla Pancera, Marta Moustache, Vittorio Valentini, Roberto Polillo, Ylenia Bonacina, Riccardo Bonomi, Lorenzo Terraneo, Francesca Moscheni and Lucrezia Wheel: these are the photographers protagonists of the exhibition, who were chosen for the heterogeneity of their poetics, thus adhering to the spirit of the project that considers the diversity of points of view as an engine of the community of intent.

In some shots the meaning emerges almost immediate, in others the nature it presents itself in all its magnificence. Some photographs, on the other hand, use the symbology. From the embrace of the adult to the child to emphasize the emotional aspect of an education that is not only institutional, to the posture of a couple of dancers to give a sense of gender equality, to the egg with sharp thorns to remind us how hard it is the fight against hunger, to the ray of white light that crosses a prism and is broken down into many colors to allude to the role that good institutions can play: these are some of the themes treated in the works of the exhibition The Horizon we look at: 17 reasons why.

All the works on display belong to the archive of 3M Foundation, a permanent cultural institution for research and training and owner of a historical photographic archive of over 110 thousand images. The exhibition can be visited by appointment only via email in the following opening time: 15.00-19.30 on Mondays; 10.00-19.30 from Tuesday to Friday; 15.00-18.00 on Saturdays. For more information call 339 2202749 or 339 8285555.

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