Bad weather: Rome flooded, and an electoral clash immediately began

Bad weather: Rome flooded, and an electoral clash immediately began
Bad weather: Rome flooded, and an electoral clash immediately began

A late spring morning shower was enough and Northern Rome, especially the area of ​​Ponte Milvio and Corso Francia, ended up under water, with flooded streets, broken-down buses and cars and waste floating through the streets of the city. A not new scene in the capital, which has been repeated for years with thunderstorms close to summer. Over 50 interventions by the local police this morning due to the storm that hit the city and the Castelli Romani, a nursery school near Ponte Milvio was evacuated due to flooding.

A young motorist with disabilities was rescued by a carabinieri patrol from the Radiomobile Nucleus, after being stuck in the flooded underpass of the San Paolo station (between via Silvio d’Amico and via Gaspare Gozzi). The man was in a Ford Fiesta, which had broken down, with water starting to enter the cockpit. A military patrol of the Arma that was passing through those parts stopped to give help, managing to open the door and rescue the boy, who got away with a big fright.

Over 150 interventions were carried out, between the local police of Roma Capitale and the fire brigade.

The images shot by numerous citizens and shared on the net immediately ignited the political clash in view of the vote for the Capitol, with the mayor Virginia Raggi submerged in criticism for the failure to clean the drains and manholes. In 2015, on the occasion of a summer storm with similar consequences, it was Raggi, then the Capitoline opposition councilor, who tweeted ironically: “Rome, it will rain tomorrow, inflate the rubber boats”.

Other times.

From the left Roberto Gualtieri, the favorite in the center-left primaries for the Capitol on June 20, urges the mayor: “If we continue not to keep the manholes clean, we risk having to borrow the Mose from Venice”. Shortly before, the former Minister of Economy had also posted a video of wild boars walking between the Olympic Stadium and the Farnesina, another distinctive feature of the Northern area, for years there has been discussions on how to stem their presence.

Carlo Calenda, another challenger to the municipal authorities, recalls the old tweet of the mayor, but points out: “I will not do this Virginia Raggi, but we need to understand what happened today. If you have an idea, explain it to the citizens ”. While Lega leader Matteo Salvini comments: “Terrifying. Solidarity with the citizens of the capital “.

For Fdi, the group leader in the Campidoglio Andrea De Priamo asks: “Toc toc mayor where are you, what happened to the cleaning of the drains?”.

The defense of the Campidoglio is entrusted to the councilor for Public Works Linda Meleo, who underlines: “In a few minutes, 70 cm of water fell, especially in the North Rome area, 3 times more than what had been estimated. from the weather alert issued last Sunday by the Regional Civil Protection Agency, which did not present significant critical issues. It was an event of exceptional importance, a water bomb ”. Then he adds: “For the cleaning of manholes and drains we regularly plan interventions throughout the city, in the last 2 years over the years we have allocated 2 million euros”.

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