Lega, Bordoni: without maintenance Rome sinks

Lega, Bordoni: without maintenance Rome sinks
Lega, Bordoni: without maintenance Rome sinks

Rome – “Without maintenance the capital sinks: other than new roads even today due to bad weather throughout the city flooded streets, chasms, closed roads, drains and clogged manholes. In these 5 years from the mayor Raggi only promises and zero facts for the safety and mobility of the Romans ”. Thus the Capitoline councilor of the Lega Davide Bordoni.

Bordoni then adds: “May the mayor Raggi tell public opinion if the machicolations were closed between Ponte Milvio and Corso Francia and for what reason? What if the manholes are periodically cleaned? “

“If in the area of ​​the kindergarten where the firefighters had to intervene, rescuing 40 children and their teachers, adequate checks were made?”

“In any case, given that on many other occasions, including recent ones, the city of Rome and above all the northern area and all the underpasses, have been flooded with roads transformed into rivers in flood, we wonder what this administration has done to avoid the repetition of the facts described? “

“While several areas of the city of Rome are completely flooded, citizens have even difficulty in contacting the civil protection. It is never possible that the capital of Italy goes haywire during a storm: yet another example of the disorganization of the 5-star administration ”, he concludes.

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