Storm in Rome, Virginia Raggi ends up overwhelmed by criticism

Storm in Rome, Virginia Raggi ends up overwhelmed by criticism
Storm in Rome, Virginia Raggi ends up overwhelmed by criticism

A violent storm hit Rome in the morning of today Tuesday 8 June. Bad weather hit several areas of Northern Rome, including Corso Francia. The downpour provided an inviting assist to the political opponents of the mayor of the capital Virginia Raggi. From the right but also from the Democratic Party and from Italia Viva there was no lack of attacks on the mayor.

Attacks on the mayor

Roberto Gualtieri candidate for the center-left primaries on social media has released a video by writing; “If we continue not to keep the manholes clean, we risk having to borrow the Mose from Venice”. Even Carlo Calenda, who will challenge Virginia Raggi for the seat in the Capitol in the next administrative offices, wasted no time. The leader of Action on twitter posted an old tweet of the Rays and said “I will not do this Virginia Raggi but we need to understand what happened today. If you have an idea, explain it to the citizens. Alluvione Roma”. And again in another tweet “Virginia Raggi I repeat you have to give an explanation of what is happening in Rome. Enough with rhetorical tweets and photos of the inauguration of flower beds. Maybe it’s not your fault and there is an explanation. But it is unacceptable that you continue to pretend nothing has happened with half of Rome under water “.

Again via Twitter, the mayor, Rome, Luciano Nobili, deputy of Italia Viva, intervenes with a straight leg: “City completely flooded, traffic blocked, machicolations obviously blocked. And as if the intervention of the firefighters were not enough to save 40 children stranded in an asylum . Unacceptable. Every time, a simple storm in Rome becomes a storm. Enough Rays, enough! “

The right and Salvini against the Rays

The right has gone down en masse against Virginia Raggi, also with Matteo Salvini. “A little while ago in Rome in corso Francia, terrifying. Solidarity with the citizens of the capital “publishes the leader of the League on social networks by posting a video with the flooded streets of the capital.

Simona Baldassare doctor, MEP of the Lega, Head of the Family Department of Lazio, refers as Gualtieri in Venice and at Mose. “A film that has already been seen. From the Rays only announcements. The city is under water again. It is not permissible for Rome to become like Venice with every downpour. Dear Raggi, will we end up putting the Mose in Rome? On the same wavelength also the coordinator of the League Alfredo Becchetti “We are the usual: thanks to 5 years of zero maintenance, Rome was brought to its knees by a few minutes of rain. The Rays forces the Romans to regret not having bought a boat instead of a car. Yet in the Capitol, the pentastellated solons are also thinking of reapplying. With what courage? “.

Many ask the mayor not to reapply from Municipality I with the attack of Francesco De Micheli of Forza Italia: “Corso Francia has become a tributary of the Tiber, the famous lakes of Ponte Milvio and Piazzale Clodio have formed. In via Giulia Instead, a waterfall has emerged. This is the bleak reality of 5-star Rome. Rome is a disaster-stricken city from all points of view. Have a minimum of common sense and do not apply again “. He is echoed by Annagrazia Calabria of FI “Fear and delirium in Corso Francia. 20 minutes of pouring rain bring the whole quadrant of Roma Nord to its knees. Raggi forgot to clean manholes and drains. For her, cycle paths and scooters are more important. Unacceptable”. The councilor of the Brothers of Italy of the Lazio region Antonello Aurigemma declares: “We really hope that the citizens in the next municipal elections will also be able to clean up, sending home a mayor who has only caused disasters”.

“Toc toc mayor where are you, what happened to the cleaning of the drains? Today’s storm has bent the capital, inconvenience in all quadrants of the city and streets like rivers in flood. Only from Cassia to Ponte Milvio 50 interventions from part of the Local Police, rescued 40 children and 6 teachers who were stuck inside a kindergarten. Rome practically haywire. As Fdi we ask the Raggi to come to the Julius Caesar Hall to report on the cleaning of the manholes. We want to know when it dates back to the last intervention, how many and which were carried out in the last year “. This is what Andrea De Priamo, group leader of Fdi in Campidoglio declares in a note.

Defense to the Administration

The Councilor for Infrastructure Linda Meleo defends the work of the Mayor Raggi and the administration. In a post on Facebook, Linda Meleo underlines how today’s storm was an exceptional event and as for any type of intervention, the Administration provides for cleaning the plumbing system.

This is the full post: “In a few minutes, 80 mm of water fell, especially in the North Rome area, 3 times more than what had been estimated by the weather alert issued last Sunday by the Regional Civil Protection Agency, which did not present significant criticalities. It was an event of exceptional importance, a “water bomb” that hit the northern area of ​​Rome. The teams of the Simu Department are now at work in Corso Francia and in the Ponte area Milvio to free manholes and drains blocked by an extraordinary flow of water in just a few minutes. For the cleaning of manholes and drains we regularly schedule interventions throughout the city: in the last 2 years over the years we have allocated 2 million euros, 1 million euros Two extraordinary maintenance contracts will also start shortly, for a total value of approximately 5 million euros, both for roads with high vehicular traffic and for those whose maintenance is necessary. competence of each individual municipality. And then, in every type of intervention we carry out, whether it is ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, cleaning is provided every time and where the entire hydraulic system of the roads we are going to redevelop is needed “.

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