“New Conte secretariat reflects willing subscribers”

“New Conte secretariat reflects willing subscribers”
“New Conte secretariat reflects willing subscribers”

For Dino Giarrusso, M5S MEP, the pentastellated members will have to be decisive in the selection of the new team that will support Giuseppe Conte at the head of the Movement. “I have absolute confidence in Conte and I am sure that the new secretariat we are talking about in these hours will necessarily have to reflect the will of our base, activists and members”, says the Sicilian MEP in an interview with Adnkronos, who observes : “In recent years there have been elections with preferences – true votes, therefore – that have given important indications, and internal consultations to our members who have clearly stated what our base wants, and in whom they trust. No political force in the world it can make choices that do not respect the basis, much less the Cinquestelle Movement which has made direct democracy its flag “.

“I hope”, Giarrusso remarks, “that the national secretariat can be voted – if not in full at least in part – on the new platform (otherwise we have waited to make the data of the members?) And I believe it is absolutely necessary instead that the whole local structure is voted by the base, so as to oppose those who believed that the M5S is their own personal fiefdom, good at ensuring a paid place for themselves and their family “.

“We trust Conte precisely because he has proven to be something other than the old parties and logic of power, including internal ones, which exclude citizens. I am sure that Conte will rely as much as possible on the vote of the members, who remain the masters of the Movement: we we are not Forza Italia, with local caciques, we are something else and we must prove it now more than ever “, is the wish of the former ‘Hyena’.


Conte secretariat reflects subscribers

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