Everything will be fine? A documentary on pandemic and poverty – Cinema, Events, meetings and demonstrations in Milan

Everything will be fine? A documentary on pandemic and poverty – Cinema, Events, meetings and demonstrations in Milan
Everything will be fine? A documentary on pandemic and poverty – Cinema, Events, meetings and demonstrations in Milan

“We want to give everything for our children, but when you have no money it is not really easy”. “Getting to not have a euro … I give up everything for my family”. “I would have done bad things to bring home the milk for my daughter, I would have gone stealing to make her feel good”
The loss of work, the houses too small to live in dignity, the inability to buy food and basic necessities, to pay rent and bills. These are the stories of difficulties due to the economic and social crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic, that mothers and fathers tell in the documentary “Will everything be okay? Voices of poverty during the pandemic ”created by FABRICA, a research center on communication, for the L’Albero della Vita Onlus Foundation.
They are families who live in the Milan area and whom L’Albero della Vita supports with economic, material, educational and relational support. In the stories of these parents and children, however, the uncertainty for the present is accompanied by dreams and hopes, by the desire to change their condition of life and have the opportunity to build a better future. The documentary will be previewed Saturday 12 June at the Arena Milano Est, at 8 pm. Free admission with compulsory registration, subject to availability of seats, on the website of the
The Tree of Life Foundation. The screening will be preceded by a debate which will be attended by Isabella Catapano, general director of the Tree of Life Foundation, Gabriele Rabaiotti councilor for social and housing policies of the Municipality of Milan, Alessandra Locatelli, councilor for the Family of the Lombardy Region, Diana De Marchi, president of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Municipality of Milan, Francesca Cenci, psychologist and author of “Relations and family in the time of Covid” and Franco Dassisti, journalist, curator of the Arena Milano Est film festival. At the end of the debate, a video contribution will be shown by the psychiatrist and sociologist Paolo Crepet and to follow the documentary.
After the presentation, the full version of the documentary will be available on the L’Albero della Vita Foundation website and on the Entity’s YouTube channel.
Since 2014, the L’Albero della Vita Foundation has activated the national program to combat poverty “Cross the threshold” which affects the most disadvantaged suburbs of the cities of Palermo, Catanzaro, Naples, Genoa, Milan, Perugia. Each year the organization supports about 1,000 families and over 1,200 minors in highly vulnerable conditions by providing material goods (shopping vouchers, tablets and internet connections) and socio-educational and training support to parents and children. In Milan, the “Varcare la Soglia” project has been active since 2014 and since March 2020 it has been present in the territory of zone 7, in the Baggio district: to date, 93 families have been actively followed for a total of 190 minors and 191 adults.

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