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Weather report Italy

LOMBARDY, CLOUD IN BUSTO ARSIZIO. Northwestern Lombardy was besieged this afternoon by severe thunderstorms, particularly in the Varese area. In Busto Arsizio a storm trapped a bus in an underpass and the intervention of the Fire Brigade was necessary with five people on board in Via Torquato Tasso.

EMILIA TARGETED BY THE TEMPORALS. While a violent storm is affecting Bologna, accompanied by hail and gusts of wind, other storm cells involve the Emilian plain in Modena and in the direction of Reggio Emilia, as well as those that are spreading out along the whole Apennine sector.

STRONG TEMPORAL EVEN IN GENOA. From the areas of the central-eastern Ligurian hinterland, a rather strong storm brought in the afternoon to the coast, until it reached the sea.

INTENSE TEMPORAL IN NAPLES. Strong thunderstorms are forming on the Neapolitan hinterland, as well as on everything on the Tyrrhenian side. Thunder and lightning go as far as lapping the Gulf of Naples, even if the most intense phenomena are recorded in the inland areas.

BOLOGNA, VIOLENT TEMPORAL. For some tens of minutes a strong storm had been wandering just east of Bologna and quickly set off towards the city, reaching it in the middle of the afternoon. Showers are accompanied by hail. Several inconveniences, floods and felled trees.

The damage caused by the wind in Bologna. Image source: bolognatoday

STRONG TEMPORALS ON THE TUSCAN-EMILIAN APENNINES. On the northern Apennine ridge, showers and thunderstorms are discharging, often strong and locally accompanied by hail. The rainfall accumulations are already close to 50mm in the Romagna sector, while other storms extend to the plain affecting the area of ​​Bologna and the lower Modena area.

TEMPORALS ALSO IN SARDEGNA. On the inland areas of Sardinia, showers and thunderstorms have developed which are more directly affecting the Gennargentu area, but extend eastwards to the Costa Smeralda and the Gulf of Orosei.

ALL CENTRAL ITALY UNDER REVERSE AND TEMPORALS. With the afternoon hours, showers and thunderstorms swarm over all the inland areas of the central regions. Not only the storm that hit Rome, but also the inland areas of Tuscany, Marche and Abruzzo, as well as Umbria. All sectors affected by storm cells that discharge phenomena that are at times violent and hail. For now, only the coasts are saved, even if some downpours start overflowing towards the northern Lazio coast on the border with Tuscany.

THUNDERSTORMS INTENSIFYING OVER HIGH PIEDMONT AND HIGH LOMBARDY. In the north, the northern areas of Piedmont and Lombardy suffer a more decisive intensification of showers and thunderstorms, in particular Biellese, Novarese, Varesotto, Comasco and Lecchese, but with showers starting to descend towards the Milan area. Other downpours further south on Monferrato Astigiano and the Ligurian hinterland of Levante.

CLOUD IN ROME. It was a real storm that hit Rome at lunchtime, causing heavy flooding. The northern area of ​​the city was particularly affected, including that of Ponte Milvio, which was completely flooded. The water level reached the sidewalk in some places and flooded shopping centers. In some areas of the city the detection stations have marked more than 50mm of rainwater accumulation, all in a few tens of minutes.

Heavy flooding in Rome: source ROMATODAY images
Heavy flooding in Rome: source ROMATODAY images

SITUATION. Tuesday’s day began right from the start at times unstable, with rains and showers over part of the Northwest regions and upper Tuscany, but a certain irregular cloudiness involved a large part of the Center-South, especially the inland areas. As the hours go by, it is expected an intensification of instability that will culminate between afternoon and evening for new showers and thunderstorms that will affect both the mountain areas and many of the neighboring ones. A depression loop on the central Mediterranean will be the cause of the new showers expected during the day, which takes advantage of a weakening of the anticyclone in the Mediterranean area.

TEMPORALS OVER CENTRAL ITALY. Between late morning and early afternoon there are already some thunderstorms in the central regions, in particular in upper Tuscany (up to Levante Ligure), Grossetano, Marche, Umbria, Lazio and the Abruzzo hinterland. The most intense showers are recorded mainly in the Marche region between Anconetano and Urbinate, where rainfall accumulations of over 20mm are already reached.

TEMPORAL IN ROME. Even on some areas of the capital, thunderstorms are forming at times intense which are affecting above all the areas north of the city and the phenomena are also abundant.

WEATHER NEXT HOURS. After the first rain showers in the morning, the thunderstorms will concentrate in the daytime in the vicinity of the mountain areas, both Alpine and Apennine, to quickly extend to part of the Po Valley, especially in Piedmont, resulting at times strong but gradually attenuating over the course of the evening. . In the afternoon widespread thunderstorms also on the inland areas of the Center-South, especially on Tuscany, Marche, Lazio, Campania and Basilicata, locally hail and accompanied by gusts of wind, in encroachment by evening to the Tyrrhenian coasts; possible storm also in Rome in the afternoon. In the afternoon some trespassing to the central Adriatic hinterland and to Puglia, but with a tendency to improve in the evening / night. Better on the major islands with wider spells, except for some rain in the north-east of Sicily and in the afternoon on the Sardinian inland areas. Temperatures will lose a few degrees, especially in the South, with the heat that will therefore be reduced compared to the final days of last week. For all the details enter the section Weather Italy.

Weather coming hours
Weather coming hours

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