Bianchi “Teacher training for those who want a dignified career. Universities too tied to knowledge” [VIDEO]

“From the beginning, clear paths must be given for those who want to become a teacher. There is a need to reflect on the university: it is the place that has remained strongly linked to a separate disciplinary vision of knowledge. We need to start with training courses for those who want to pursue a dignified career as a teacher ”.

The Minister of Education said so Patrizio Bianchi at the seminar on the bill “The development of non-cognitive skills”, introduced by Ettore Rosato, Vice President of the Chamber.

What holds people together in a period marked by the fall of the birth rate and with a strong immigration? We are moving towards a phase in which the demographic fall will pose a problem of numbers. The risk is that technological intervention could lead to the replacement of many activities and that we move towards a very diversified society. Only the school can mend the country“Says the Minister of Education.

In a divided society fear and envy prevail, and against fear and envy the only glue is the school. Strong technology risks putting entire generations out of action, continuous training is needed for life. The cycles of technology, of production systems, are much faster than those of life – added Bianchi – and the risk that entire generations will be put outside the production processes in place is very high. Hence the need for ongoing training“.

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