Tax reform, Lega and Forza Italia ask to change the personal income tax rates

Forza Italia then asks to eliminate the inheritance tax and donations or, at least, to raise the exempt taxable value for the direct heirs or the spouse, and asks for a fiscal “white year” for 2021 with the blocking of tax bills until at the end of the year and the “fiscal peace” with the zeroing of the fiscal stock. Forza Italia would also like a “definitive overcoming of IRAP” and says it is willing to discuss the revision of the land registry, which however “must be pursued in a logic of modernization without involving hidden taxation”. Absolute no, however, to “any form of reintroduction of the IMU on the first house”.

The Democratic Party instead focuses on women by proposing the introduction of the Tasp, the “Subsidized Taxation of the Second Income Receiver in the family with
the goal of increasing the job offer, boosting female employment, bringing out illegal work and promoting the return to the world of work after compulsory maternity leave “. The idea is also contained in a bill presented on May 25 by the parent company Dem in the Debora Serracchiani Chamber.

The Democratic Party then raises the Iri, the corporate income tax, with a single rate of 24%, while as regards the personal income tax, the objective is to reduce “the rate differential between the second and third brackets. “: the proposal is to” resort to a continuous mathematical function that matches each income a specific average rate, in analogy to some extent with the system applied in Germany. Income brackets and legal rates, deductions by type, would be abolished of income and the bonus of 100 euros because all these elements would be included in the average rate only with different levels according to income levels “.

The dem also propose to “raise to 20%, maintaining the deductible of 1 million euros for each beneficiary, the rate for transfers in favor of a spouse or relatives in a straight line of an amount exceeding 5 million euros”. The additional revenue would finance the establishment of a
‘dowry of autonomy’ of 10 thousand euros “attributed to 18-year-olds from low and middle-income families and tied to the financing of expenses for training and education, work and entrepreneurship, home and accommodation”.


Tax reform Lega Forza Italia change personal income tax rates

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