Foggia, a heart massage 75 minutes long: so the 118 saves a 37-year-old

June 08, 2021 11:57 am

When the doctors arrived, the woman, the mother of a few years old girl, was lying on the bed in cardiac arrest, but the rescuers never gave up: “We went on until we were exhausted, it’s a miracle”

We practiced hand heart massage for 75 endless minutes, until we were exhausted – tells Rocco Paglia a the RepublicThen the miracle: we heard a very light breath, almost a breath “. And just when hopes seemed to have faded, rescuers saw the 37-year-old regain consciousness. “The administration of adrenaline was also necessary because the case was really critical.”

The patient was then transported to the hospital in Foggia, where she was hospitalized for investigations. Her conditions are good and she can only feel like a miracle worker: “I will thank you for all my life”, she tells her 118 angels.


Foggia heart massage minutes long saves #37yearold

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