22 suspects. A policeman and 2 carabinieri are in trouble

22 suspects. A policeman and 2 carabinieri are in trouble
22 suspects. A policeman and 2 carabinieri are in trouble

They had set up a tour of the shop in a ‘drive in’ model, then remaining in the car, at flower stand number 14 in front of the Flaminio cemetery. A thriving business which, according to what was reconstructed by the investigators, could even reach peaks of 20 thousand euros a day, considering the peaks of the weekend.

The business was dismantled by the carabinieri of the Prima Porta Station, the Compagnia di Roma Cassia and the policemen of the Flaminio Nuovo Commissariat who conducted a joint operation, to execute an application order of precautionary measures issued by the GIP of the Court of Rome, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome – District Anti-Mafia Directorate, against 22 suspects, including a policeman and two carabinieri.

The 22 suspects of the Cleopatra operation

According to what emerged from the Cleopatra operation (so called because many of the group are Egyptians) of the 22 suspects, 11 were subjected to a precautionary custody order in prison, 6 under house arrest and 5 subjected to the prohibition of residence in the municipality of Rome with obligation of presentation to the judicial police. For the prosecution they are held responsible, for various reasons, for “association aimed at the illicit trafficking of drugs, possession and sale of drugs, corruption for acts contrary to official duties, disclosure and use of office secrets, access abusive computer or electronic system, illegal possession and carrying in public of weapons and ammunition, aggravated theft “.

How was the dealership and the criminal group structured?

The operation was born drawing inspiration from other judicial police activities, it was launched in February 2018 and conducted by the Police and Carabinieri, under the direction and coordination of the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, District Anti-Mafia Directorate. At the top of the group was an Egyptian. According to what emerged, the organization operated in particular in the cocaine dealing sector near the entrance to the Flaminio Cemetery, at the flower counter 14, with peaks of 400 daily outlets, used by the suspects as one of the logistical bases for the activity of the group.

The drug dealers’ operating methods were well-tested. The “customers”, in fact, mostly by car and without even getting out of the vehicles, approached people who dealt with the sale of flowers, paid their dues and received the quantity of drugs required. The drug dealers took the drugs from flower pots, from the flowerbed adjacent to the sales counter or from the bush adjacent to the Via Flaminia, at the flower stand.

In the evening and at night, consumers were taken to the Montebello train station where, beyond a metal mesh and camouflaged by dense vegetation, there were other pushers on duty who delivered the drug directly to the buyer. time forced to get out of his vehicle. To facilitate the sale of drugs, two cars were even used, to accompany the “customers” near the dealer on duty.

The flower stand number 14

Also due to the police blitz interventions during the investigation period, the group – always using the flower stand 14 as a logistic base – had decided to move the dealing activity to via Flaminia, to the main street and to a Cafe. The profits from the sale, according to what was reconstructed by the investigators, could even reach peaks of 20 thousand euros a day, considering the peaks of the weekend.

Two carabinieri and a policeman in trouble

Not only. As mentioned, the association also made use of two carabinieri and a policeman who would have provided confidential information in order to ensure the continuation of the sales activities and to allow the group to evade investigations and interventions. The military, according to what was announced by the Arma, “today were suspended from service as a precaution”, which adds: “The investigations, for the part of competence, were initiated and conducted by the carabinieri in a timely and punctual manner, allocating , for some time now, the two soldiers involved in non-operational assignments “.

The investigation, in order to be carried out, was conducted thanks also to telephone and environmental wiretapping, combined with an intense activity of shadowing and remote observation, also with the aid of photo-video footage.

During the investigation, 23 persons in the act of crime were arrested; 23 people in a state of freedom reported; 80 subjects were administratively reported to the Prefecture for personal use of narcotic substances and seized a total of about 2 kilos of cocaine.

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