One-euro dwellings in the villages of Italy: the Sambuca di Sicilia case

The tourist promotion of small municipalities that passes from critical socio-economic strategies designed to enhance the territory. Already in 2018, the initiative of the Sicilian municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia passed under the media spotlight: houses sold for 1 euro to relaunch tourism and economy for over 100 thousand emails received from all over the world with purchase requests. Fabrizio Ferreri, editor of the text, tries to tell all this, with targeted insights and reflections 1 € houses in the villages of Italy, novelty published by Dario Flaccovio Editore.

The success of the case for 1 euro in Sambuca, a resilient community. What is the reason for this success, asks the curator Fabrizio Ferreri, who brings together within the text, critical essays by sociologists, analysts in the tourism sector, jurists and local administrators. The book examines the peculiar characteristics, the results produced and the main reasons for the success of this experience, while telling the story of a community and a historic village that in recent years have rethought their evolutionary trajectory, mobilizing energies and visions for development. local. The book has the contributions of: Leonardo Ciaccio, mayor of Sambuca di Sicilia, the deputy mayor of Sambuca di Sicilia, Giuseppe Cacioppo, Maurizio Carta, Barbara Lino, Gori Sparacino, Filippo Grasso, Vanni Resta, Marco Magaraggia and Fabrizio Ferreri himself.

“With this book, the initiative of the 1 euro houses of Sambuca di Sicilia emerges as a possible measure to enhance the fragile plots of our territory more? peripheral – writes Fabrizio Ferreri – showing an example of commitment in the government of the territory that avoids both the trap of resentful localism and mere subordination? to exogenous or assisted development logics, even in their less visible forms, of which unfortunately various manifestations can be seen in the many places of the margin that become temporary and transit reserve (“destination” or, again, space of consumption) of a growing tourism but disconnected from local vocations, unable to trigger territorially rooted value chains ”.

Fabrizio Ferreri is a PhD in Philosophy at the State University of Milan, and in Sociology of Innovation and Local Development, at the Kore University of Enna. For several years he has been involved in relaunching small municipalities in the interior of Sicily. He is the editor of the book together with Emilio Messina Villages of Sicily (Dario Flaccovio, 2018) and author of Awareness of place and local development. Analysis of Sambuca di Sicilia (Maimone Editore).

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