Italy, Fiore to CM: ‘Maldini, Nesta, Zoff, what do you remember at Euro2000! With Holland epic match, now too much enthusiasm ‘| First page

Italy, Fiore to CM: ‘Maldini, Nesta, Zoff, what do you remember at Euro2000! With Holland epic match, now too much enthusiasm ‘| First page
Italy, Fiore to CM: ‘Maldini, Nesta, Zoff, what do you remember at Euro2000! With Holland epic match, now too much enthusiasm ‘| First page

Euro 2000 remained in the hearts of the Italians, despite a bitter ending, for that Golden Gol of Trezeguet who gave the final push to Dino’s Italy Zoff after the par of Wiltord at the last minute. But the challenge won against theNetherlands, suffering, with one less man on the pitch but one more in goal, that Awning that that day he saved everything. Stephen Fiore he was a great protagonist of that competition, with a goal scored and an almost surprising ownership. And the ex Parma, Udinese, Lazio e Fiorentina relive those moments with “For me it is a sweet and bitter memory. I played as a starter 4 months after my debut in the national team. And, with all due respect for what is now, playing in that national team was not so easy. I was already happy to be among the squad, then Zoff always made me play as a starter, with Del Piero and Totti out in turns … he wanted to say something. For me it was a wonderful experience, something that I still carry inside me as positive emotions. Of course, the epilogue … footballing dramatic. All of us, even today, still bear the marks, it was really a joke, a few seconds from the end we were European champions, we missed a trifle. Great bitterness, but the fact that he played those Europeans is a counterpoint. ”

QUALITY IN NATIONAL – “There is some similarity with this national team. I have to tell the truth, with all due respect, there were qualities not only in the attackers but also in the defense, they played Nesta, Cannavaro and Maldini… It was a strong national team, ours. Which, however, compared to this came accompanied by skepticism. We were good at making everyone change their minds after the game against Turkey, I remember the quarterfinals and the semifinal with which we changed our opinion. This perhaps comes to us with too much enthusiasm, we have done good things when we come from underdogs. We hope that this year all the beautiful things that have been seen are a good omen “.

THE FLOWER OF THIS NATIONAL – Who can be the flower of this national team, the player who after a few appearances for Azzurro can play as a starter in the European Championships? “Manuel Locatelli, it could be him, since he has just made his debut. He has had an important season, as a real player, he has grown a lot: perhaps compared to others he could bring that freshness that is needed. But except for Bonucci, Chiellini and Verratti, he is a national team young, they can be considered almost all rookies. Mancini brought this great novelty, that is to expand the national team to many and this allowed young people to grow very quickly and to immerse themselves in this reality lightly. ”

OLYMPIC FACTOR – “It will be almost irrelevant, for two reasons: the first because obviously there will not be a full house and already in itself this is a factor and then because we got used to this situation a bit, playing in semi-desert stadiums. home factor will not be revealing, in addition the Olimpico does not give you that added value that other stadiums give you. You mentioned the match against the Netherlands, we did not only play against the Netherlands as players, but we also had to discard some fans (laughs, ed). The English stadium can be a factor, the Olimpico, as it is, will not be an added value “.

SARRI-LAZIO – “As a profile I like it very much, I think that after the very positive start with Simone, there was in my opinion the need to change, to give a turn, probably also from the point of view of the game. It is an absolutely right prospect, he proved to play football everywhere, doing it in a positive way. We all have in our eyes his Napoli, who played in a marvelous way, and has important technical material at his disposal “.

GATTUSO-FIORENTINA – “Happy for Rino, he’s a friend, but he proved to be very capable in what he’s doing. It’s a pity he didn’t hit the Champions League with Napoli, in a situation that had been compromised for months by De Laurentiis; he managed to keep the team together, did a splendid job when he found his players. Florence needs such a strong personality around which to unite: there was no lack of the team, who didn’t have to fight to save themselves, but enthusiasm is needed. There is a need for an identity very precise. I wish him to do well “.

MORE ITALY-HOLLAND – “That game remains truly epic, because, I tell you the truth, when my head flies to that game, when I see some footage being replayed … it was extraordinary, epic, unrepeatable. We were all bewildered by this orange that we had around us and above all from Holland, which was a formidable team that was creating a lot of problems in 11 against 11. When Zambrotta was sent off, we thought ‘it ends badly’. make it and we fueled our hopes, even with luck, without which we would not have been able to accomplish that feat. To Totti, on the spoon, I said nothing in particular, except to call him crazy, like everyone else. like him, who always has a joke ready, who joked all the time, told us that he would do the spoon, we all thought “he wants to joke even at this moment.” Instead, I don’t know if it was p better or crazier to do it … Having gone well, a pearl came out of it. I don’t dare imagine what would have happened if he had been wrong … luckily no one will ever find out. ”

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