Entries in the role, free places for each order and grade of school divided by province. 50% free places in the North, 63% on support

After the mobility operations, vacancies for teachers are counted. According to a study by the CISL, about 55% of vacancies (with 63% for the primary) are located in the North. A figure that increases due to support, in fact, every 10 free places 7 are in the North compared to 23% of free places in the Center and 14% in the South.


Almost 6000 free places in kindergarten: 4297 on common place, 1643 on support. Details by province in the table

Data by province


Over 1000 places available in Tuscany, as well as in Veneto, the same situation also in Lazio, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and Lombardy.

Here is the total number of remaining seats after the operations:

Data by province

Secondary grade I

In the lower secondary school, there are almost 27,000 on common posts, almost 12,000 on support. The details by province in the attached table of the Cisl Scuola.

Secondary grade I common place

Secondary I grade post support

Compared to last year there are 2,913 more on support, 6,834 on common place. In total there are 38,883 vacancies after the mobility

Secondary grade

There are over 44,000 vacant places in secondary school, 15,275 more than last year, when there were 29,136 in total. The tables with the data by province revised by the CISL school.

Secondary grade II common place

Secondary grade support


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