Storm in Rome, submerged center. «Corso Francia a river in flood». In a kindergarten 40 children blocked

Water bomb a Roma. Roads like rivers. It’s a asylum it remained flooded. In particular, the northern area was hit with Corso Francias as «a river in flood». The 40 children who were stranded inside a kindergarten in Rome, in via Castelnuovo di Porto in Ponte Milvio, flooded by rain, were rescued by firefighters and police. They were reportedly taken to a nearby hotel and their parents contacted to pick them up. The local police of the XV Group are also on site. There are about 50 interventions carried out so far by the brigade to make roads safe and to facilitate traffic. The interventions concerned in particular the north quadrant of the city and above all via Cassia and Ponte Milvio.

The rain provided by the Civil Protection Lazio it came in the form of a water bomb and the city is in a tailspin. For over half an hour a storm has been hitting the streets of the capital. Also Montecitorio, in Town center, it is under the flood. The water falls copiously from above the roof and is filling the whole square. Danger also for i lightning. Much of North Rome is locked for flooding, with traffic also on Course France. Even in the neighborhood Follow, near the Court of Rome, several cars are struggling to pass because the manholes are blocked and the streets are flooded. Some cars are completely submerged in water. And in some areas the flood also brought the hailstorm.

The affected neighborhoods – The storm started at about 12.30. There was no lack of interventions by the fire brigade: numerous emergency calls received from the Operations Room related to bad weather. Among the most affected areas is that of North Rome (Corso Francia, Ponte Milvio, Prati, Montemario and Nomentano).

Traffic – Green light Rome, a service provided in collaboration with ACI that informs in real time about mobility and traffic in the municipal area, recommends driving caution and reminds that civil protection has indicated the hydrogeological yellow alert.

Bad weather, there is yellow alert today and tomorrow throughout Lazio

Maltelmpo for the next 12 hours – The storm that is hitting Rome was expected. “The Regional Functional Center announces that the Civil Protection Department has issued today the warning of adverse weather conditions: isolated to scattered rainfall, including downpours or thunderstorms, with weak to moderate quantities»On Lazio for thetomorrow morning and the following 9-12 hours», So in a note yesterday the Civil Protection of Lazio.

Yellow alert«The Regional Functional Center carried out the assessment of the Alert / Criticality Levels and therefore forwarded a bulletin with a yellow alert for hydrogeological criticalities and thunderstorms on all the alert areas of Lazio. The Permanent Operations Room of the Lazio Region – concludes the note of the Civil Protection of Lazio – issued the alert of the Regional Civil Protection System and invited all the structures to adopt all the obligations of competence. Finally, it should be remembered that for every emergency the population will be able to refer to the municipal civil protection structures to which the Regional Operations Room will guarantee constant support ».

Weather, weekend forecasts: rain in Rome and Naples, bad weather in the North


Calenda: Rays explain – «I will not do this to Virginia Raggi but we need to understand what happened today. If you have an idea, explain it to the citizens. alluvione Rome ». Carlo Calenda writes it on twitter by posting the tweet of the Raggi at the time of the Marino administration: «Rome: it will rain tomorrow. Inflate the rafts! ».

The cars in Corso Francia seem to float


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