“LandIn”, Carlo Mazzone’s startup that will represent Italy in Europe

Another national success for a startup of prof. Carlo Mazzone, the finalist of the Global Teacher Prize 2020: LandIn will represent Italy in Europe next July.

It is a new school model that can come out of its own referentiality to make a real and effective contribution to the social context, says Carlo Mazzone. And of a system that wants to go to full capacity with respect to the creation of simulated startups, carried out within schools, which are accompanied into the world of real business thanks to the contribution of various actors: alumni who return their experience to the new school classes , universities, business and voluntary sectors.
Finally, it is an effort in relation to the need to control the phenomenon of extreme emigration, particularly among young people our territories are experiencing especially the internal areas.

It is an ambitious project that is taking shape more and more thanks to the national and international successes of the mini-companies that are born among the school desks and that want to continue to live in the world of the real economy and no longer simulated. At the ITI “Lucarelli” in Benevento we try to realize the dream of creating a school that opens to the outside, towards society and that involves children in stimulating, formative projects that can then also give employment hopes.

In 2019 it was the turn of the startup Farm Animal Trade, a market place for the sale of farm animals, which, after winning the national final, was judged to be the best mini-company in the entrepreneurial education project “Impresa In Action” by Junior Achievement Italy, had tore a ticket to Lille, France, facing the winners of national competitions from the rest of Europe. In 16 years that the competition was held in Italy, for the first time he had won a school in the south. Also in France an extraordinary result was achieved, “2nd runner up”, third place in a competition between 40 startups from 39 different European countries. But the most sensational news is that Farm Animal Trade has just become an alumni-led SRL who had founded it in a simulated way.

This was, however, only the apex of a work started in 2014 and which had seen the mini-companies set up over the years overcome the regional phases in 2014 and then in 2018. Again, last year, in 2020, even both two participating startups won the regional phase which for the first time was carried out online due to the pandemic.

Probably the “secret” of these successes lies in the desire to create something that is not limited to living in individual school years but which instead creates a sedimentation of experiences in the field that are then handed down from year to year.

All this thanks to figures that have become a system. Among these, a predominant role is played by the so-called “Business Angels” or professionals from the world of economics who, in an informal way and therefore without being bound by specific contracts, help and support the nascent startups by bringing out the energies present in them. Our Business Angel is Antonio Domenico Ialeggio, CEO of Geolumen Srl who for years has established a virtuous collaboration with our Institute that stems from the same common vision: to imagine and build a concrete future for the young people of our territories.

But it is precisely in relation to young people that we have identified another fundamental element on which we are building our extraordinary results: the alumni who have achieved the successes of their startups over the years remain linked to the school even after graduation, helping the nascent new companies by hiring the role of dream coach. This is, for example, the case of Manuel Sorrentino, CEO of Farm Animal Trade, who played this role as a volunteer for the latest new mini-company, LandIn, bringing all his wealth of experience accumulated in these last two years with the success in Europe and his university education at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Benevento.

And then we come to LandIn, which has just won the 2021 edition of BIZ Factory, the national final of “Impresa in Action”, the Junior Achievement Italia entrepreneurship and transversal skills development program aimed at secondary schools for eighteen years. . After this victory, the students of Lucarelli “will virtually fly” to Lithuania to participate in the European final, hosted as part of the largest Festival dedicated to entrepreneurship organized by Junior Achievement Europe: Gen-E, scheduled from 29 June to 15th of July.

Once again, this is a far-reaching project. In fact, LandIn is a platform that connects agricultural workers and agricultural entrepreneurs, protecting workers, reducing pollution and enhancing the local product, thus promoting biodiversity, setting the meeting of supply and demand as a strategic objective. This startup presents itself as a great opportunity to return to a cultivation more in line with nature, favoring and using the potential that a given territory offers and thus involving those who live there.

The validity of LandIn’s entrepreneurial project is also testified by the closeness expressed by Gennaro Masiello, President of Coldiretti Campania and national vice president of Coldiretti, Gerardo Dell’Orto, Director of the Coldiretti Federation of Benevento, Davide Minicozzi, President of the Campania and Molise Breeders Association and Nicola De Ieso, Communication Manager and Coldiretti Campania Press Office to whom our idea was presented at the Coldiretti headquarters Benevento. Ultimately, Coldiretti embraces our cause and supports us in a project set in what is the context of Agriculture 4.0.

However, to ensure that such ambitious projects are concretely realized it is necessary that they are also supported in an absolutely professional way. And this is how we try to close the circle by directly involving the universities in the area. We have thus found the extraordinary and irreplaceable support of teachers such as Professor Olimpia Meglio who support our startups even with their own undergraduates, ensuring that ideas and visions can become concrete and reality.


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