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The FIGC unveils the new mascot of Italy

The FIGC unveils the new mascot of Italy
The FIGC unveils the new mascot of Italy

A Maremma-Abruzzese shepherd puppy is the mascot that from now on will accompany the Italian national teams in all their adventures. The mascot, who wears the blue shirt, is the daughter of an illustrious past: in fact it is a creature of Carlo Rambaldi, a master who passed away in 2012 and is known internationally for his works in the field of cinema with which he won three Oscars.

“Rambaldi – says the president of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina – in 2007 he gave me a book that contained these sketches that I donated to the FIGC. His fame abroad was extraordinary, but he complained of having been little considered in Italy. I am proud to have given birth to another of his creations: today we symbolically give Carlo Rambaldi the fourth Oscar and so much sweetness to the Italians ”.

In the notes attached to the sketch of the mascot, Rambaldi wrote that he had chosen the image of the Maremma-Abruzzese shepherd “because he is a dog with great courage, decision-making skills, typically Italian and his history is intimately linked to the millennial history of our land and its people, suitable for representing the most beautiful sport in the world, the passions it arouses and the Italian spirit ”. In addition to having identified in this animal “the capacity for initiative, competitiveness, loyalty, the sense of the group”.

Victor and Daniela Rambaldi, children of the genius of special effects and owners of the Carlo Rambaldi Foundation, collaborated in the realization of this project: “I am grateful to President Gravina – declared Daniela Rambaldi – for my father’s great dedication to this project, which represents yet another great milestone, embellished by having come from that much-loved Italy, but which has not greatly gratified his work “.

Rambaldi’s children gave birth to the idea of ​​creating their father’s sketches in three-dimensional format: “It was a long job – explained his son Victor – which required a lot of attention to detail in order to fully interpret the drawings of the original project of my father, and I believe that the final work is of absolute value ”.

The entire path, from the sketches, to the drawings, from the idea to the three-dimensional realization of Rambaldi’s mascot, will be exhibited from 9 June, and for the entire period of the European Championships, in a special corner dedicated to Carlo Rambaldi inside ‘ Azzurri House. In fact, it was here that the FIGC intended to give an exhibition area to the Carlo Rambaldi Foundation and to Rambaldi Promotions to introduce the public and Italian fans to the project that led to the creation of the mascot, as well as a career video of the three-time Oscar winner.

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