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From the nomad camp on the outskirts of Rome to the historic center of Chieti with burglary tools: two women reported

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June 08, 2021 1:54 pm

From the nomad camp at the gates of the capital to the historic center of Chieti with burglary tools: for this reason, yesterday afternoon, after being tracked down by the agents of the flying team, two 24-year-olds with police records and convictions for crimes against heritage were reported and repatriates.

The two, reported a few minutes earlier to 113 by a citizen who had become suspicious, at the time of the search and search were found in possession of a large screwdriver, which one of them had hidden in the bra, and a thin plastic cutout. instead hidden in the briefs, to try to open the doors without delivery.

The young women were denounced on the loose and the commissioner Annino Gargano repatriated them with a mandatory travel document: they will not be able to return to Chieti for the next three years.


nomad camp outskirts Rome historic center Chieti burglary tools women reported

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