Mottarone tragedy, the file removed from the investigating judge of Prato who released two of the suspects

Verbania, 7 June 2021 – The investigating judge Donatella Banci Buonamici, Prato, which freed two of the operators of the Mottarone plant, was excluded from the ‘in progress’ procedure. The president of the court of Verbania Luigi Montefusco has indeed reassigned the case of the tragedy of the cable car to the investigating judge Elena Ceriotti. Therefore, it will not be Banci Buonamici who will have to decide on the probative incident requested by the defense of Gabriele Tadini, the head of the cable car service now under house arrest, but the judge Elena Ceriotti, “tenant by role table”.

Banci Buonamici has been in service in Verbania since September 2017. It was criminal judge in Milan, where she also dealt with cases of a certain importance, not least those of the clashes in the square of the “No Expo” and those on the first Italian “foreign fighters” of Isis. Previously he worked on the court of Busto Arsizio, where his career crossed for the first time with that of Olimpia Bossi, now chief prosecutor in Verbania. Originally from Prato, 56 years old, she has an important surname for the history of the city: the Banci Buonamici family was one of the noble families of the territory and gave its name to the building which is now the seat of the Province. Commenting with reporters on his order to cancel the stops ordered by the Prosecutor’s Office, he commented: “You should be thankful that the system is like this, you must be happy to live in a state where the system does justice or is a guarantee and instead it seems that you are not happy, Italy is a country democratic“.

“We have never seen such a measure. It is the first time that not for a valid impediment, but for a tabular problem a judge of an ongoing proceeding be replaced, ”the lawyer commented Marcello perillo, defender of Gabriele Tadini, the head of the Mottarone cableway and the only one of the three stopped to be under house arrest.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Verbania, meanwhile, asked the Court of Review to cancel the provision with which the investigating judge Banci Buonamici last May 29 had rejected the request for precautionary measure for Luigi Nerini, the owner of the Mottarone Railway, and for Enrico Perocchio, the operating engineer. The appeal will be filed tomorrow morning at the latest.

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