Draghi and the parties, so the geography of the majority changes – Corriere.it

Draghi and the parties, so the geography of the majority changes – Corriere.it
Draghi and the parties, so the geography of the majority changes – Corriere.it

Even Draghi, in his small way, can make mistakes. And not only on the country’s economic recovery, given that growth – as he explained to Salvini yesterday – will exceed government estimates by more than one point. Even his political predictions turned out to be wrong, because in the days when he settled in Palazzo Chigi he believed that the parties would not give him a honeymoon. Instead (almost) everyone has so far transformed the Draghi diary into a sort of sacred text, probably because – as the undersecretary says Tobaccos – the political forces in this historical phase are not capable of developing proposals and building strategies. Thus Palazzo Chigi has become a pilgrimage destination and the premier dispenses adjectives to every leader who visits him to comment on their conversation: they range from cordial to profitable.

But in the majority something is actually changing. now visible the difference between the posture of the center-right – which shows itself in total harmony with the former president of the ECB – and the approach of the center-left, which is progressively crumbling on the relationship with the head of the government. And Conte, with the interview with Corriere, wanted to widen the crack. The event was in the air, to the point that the minister dem Guerini, in an interview with the paper, since last week he had given a sort of preventive answer to the former premier: Reforms are more important than unanimity. One way is all said to warn the ally (and many of his widowers at the Nazarene) that the Democratic Party cannot die for Conte, because the renewal cannot be set aside to safeguard a political formula.

Already the story of the conspiracy had bored, since Borghi – a loyalist of the owner of the Defense – had said during a meeting of the dem secretariat that passing Conte as Allende does not work. Moreover, Borghi – member of the Copasir– he had in fact anticipated the discontinuity between the two governments on the delicate management of services. At the time of the previous government, in fact, it was he who pointed out the behavior of the then head of the Dis Vecchione: He holds so many relations with the world of politics, that Conte would first appoint him undersecretary for Relations with Parliament ….

But Draghi is keeping away from the settling of scores between (and within) the parties, which at the moment are only tactical games. Including the history of the federation that is splitting the center-right and tearing apart the rival factions of Forza Italia. The premier understands that political forces need space for their viability. Trust they understand why the controversy does not pay, as the polls show. It may be a coincidence, but due to negative signs in the reports, in recent weeks the secretary of the League and that of the Democratic Party have drastically reduced their rate of conflict. For the rest, the tenant of Palazzo Chigi is on the dossiers, transmits the decrees to the Chambers and gets their trust: he considers the phase still too fragile and foresees that securing the country will be a long process. Like the state of hospitalization of the parties, which – to use the words of a minister – all refer to the Draghi agenda but do not really know how to interpret that proposal. They take it up, thus trying to get in tune with public opinion, but fail.

This suspended political climate will last until the opening of the race to the Colle is formalized, where – Franceschini dixit – anything could happen. In the meantime, the parties are concentrated on Rai, the only dossier of appointments on which Draghi knows he cannot decide on his own and where the parliamentary forces legitimately ask for a shared method. This explains the reason for the delay in the choices. In the other areas, primarily the reforms, the scheme is instead consolidated: the Prime Minister talks with his majority, then brings the composition of the agreement to the Council of Ministers, which is not a real mediation. Besides, no one can pull the plug on Draghi: and for once everyone must agree with Renzi.

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