Died at 19 in the overturned SUV: Idris’s mother hoped to the last

Died at 19 in the overturned SUV: Idris’s mother hoped to the last
Died at 19 in the overturned SUV: Idris’s mother hoped to the last

Milan – “It was terrible. When mom of that boy she understood that her son was inside the overturned car, practically under the house, she got out and ha tried to revive him together with the rescuers “, says a witness.

But for Idris El Sawah | there was nothing more to do: it is died at 19 after an accident in Viale Testi. On Sunday at 10.30pm he lost control of the Bmx X5 who was driving, alongside a 23-year-old friend who was then rescued in yellow code at the Polyclinic. He lived in the difficult context of public housing between viale Sarca and viale Testi. Son of immigrants, mom Romanian and Egyptian dad, “he knew how to make himself loved: he was sensitive and generous, a magician with electronic devices”, says those who knew him. Since yesterday the area of ​​Bignami and Bicocca has been in mourning.

The dynamic is still under investigation but, according to what has been reconstructed so far by the local police, the SUV traveled in the direction of the suburbs the central lane of the avenue that connects the Piazzale Istria area to the belt north of the city when, at number 304, with the two left wheels would have hit the traffic island central, overturning several times and then splashing forward along the asphalt for almost 100 meters until it stops on the left side, next to a wall near the lilac metro stop. The 118 rescuers arrived immediately, who immediately realized the very serious situation: the boy was already in cardiac arrest, they tried to revive him on the spot, “with his mother beside him who hoped for a miracle until the end”, says the witness, and then again during the desperate rush to the Niguarda hospital. But Idris El Sawah’s heart didn’t hold up.

Meanwhile, in viale Testi the cast iron were already at work for the findings: the affected section remained off limits to traffic for most of the night. The agents will try to shed light on the episode also with the help of cameras in the area; the speed of the car must also be ascertained. Certainly, then, the wet roadway after the rain on Sunday evening it did not favor adherence to the asphalt. in the meantime friends and citizens of the neighborhood they cannot understand: “An absurd death, we are incredulous”, underlines the councilor of Municipio 9 Andrea Pellegrini, whose son attended the same class as Idris in elementary school. “He was an intelligent and curious boy. He went to an electronics school and was really good at repairing devices. It was natural for him to get hold of a broken pc or cellphone. I esteemed him a lot.” He grew up, we learn, with his mother and grandmother (his father had moved away from the family), and was the “middle brother” between the eldest son of a few years older and a teenage sister. On Facebook, friends remember him: “You will always remain in our hearts”, writes Alessia. And that’s just one of many messages.

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Died overturned SUV Idriss mother hoped

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