The apartment thieves who commit dozens of thefts even in Milan

The apartment thieves who commit dozens of thefts even in Milan
The apartment thieves who commit dozens of thefts even in Milan

Three thieves arrested for committing dozens of thefts in various Italian provinces, including in Milan. They were stopped in Genoa by the carabinieri on Monday 7 June.

The soldiers of the Genoa Investigative Unit, with the support of the Carabinieri of Moncalieri and Asti, have executed an order that provides for the precautionary custody in prison issued by the Gip of the Court of Genoa against three subjects, of Sinti origin, accused of numerous thefts.

The investigation, christened Top Gun after the name of one of the arrested, was triggered last April after a home burglary reported in the Genoese area. Following that episode, the carabinieri monitored the similar crimes committed in the area, connecting them to a single red thread.

From investigations, in fact, it was found that the criminals, offenders of Sinti origin, two of whom domiciled in Asti (At) and one in Nichelino (To), almost every day left home to reach Ligurian and Lombard provinces where they consumed mass thefts to the detriment of elderly victims, with a tried and tested and extremely effective modus operandi.

The modus operandi of ‘thieves-actors’

Specifically, the thieves entered the victims’ homes claiming to have to carry out a check on the domestic heating system or using similar pretexts, they appropriated small objects such as photo frames and ornaments, and then gave them to their accomplices, who soon showed up at the door pretending policemen, showing the unfortunate objects just stolen and informing them of the theft. But precisely at that juncture, in an attempt to verify further shortages, the victims provided valuable information to the thieves on the location of the valuables they kept at home, which were promptly stolen, taking advantage of the state of anxiety and psychological confusion induced in the victims.

The investigations have reconstructed five consumed thefts and one attempted in the province of Genoa, with stolen goods amounting to about 200 thousand euros. However, further investigations are underway to attribute to those arrested the responsibility for numerous crimes also committed in Milan and Monza Brianza.

During the blitz that took place on Monday morning in the homes of Asti and Nichelino (To), the carabinieri found almost 45 thousand euros in cash, numerous precious gold jewels, four watches, about 130 gold coins, 11 radio transmitters, numerous cell phones as well as the clothing used in some thefts. The car, a powerful Mercedes, used for travel was also found and confiscated.

One find was particular and worthy: 122 gold tokens, weighing about a kilo and worth almost 33 thousand euros, stolen from the home of an 87-year-old Lombard retiree, won by the victim during a lucky episode of ‘Telemike’ aired in 1991. The huge stolen wealth was hidden in hidden cavities in the luxury homes of the arrested, who will now have to answer for the aggravated home thefts committed in competition. The violation of the restrictions deriving from the special surveillance of the state police was also charged with respect to one of the arrested.

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