Catania, unhinged “fort” of the shop: in the videos also the humiliations of the “piazza chief” to the inattentive “lookouts”

A ‘fort’ for the sale of drugs built in the historic San Cristoforo district was unhinged by the carabinieri of Catania who arrested 22 people, one of them under house arrest, and notified three reporting obligations to the judicial police. The video recordings of the military, carried out from June to October 2020, made it possible to ascertain that the group was headed Giovanni Alfio Di Martino who, with the support of his nephew Giuseppe, both arrested, had transformed his home and the agglomeration of buildings belonging to the family close to their home, into a real drug store fort, which mainly sold cocaine and crack.

In the videos documenting the trafficking of the “fort”, we can also see the humiliations of the “head of the square” towards some of the “lookouts” who, if inattentive, were forced to dive into the garbage bins or to be wrapped with insulating tape like of mummy. The “chief square” then resumed the humiliations with his mobile phone and published them on TikTok.

According to the DDA, three women also had an active role in the group, including his wife, Silvia Monica Maugeri, placed under house arrest, and the sister-in-law, Georgiana Xenia Bontu, arrested, of the ‘square leader’ Giovanni Di Martino. For the prosecution they managed the profits of the square, hiding the cash collected, and supported and sometimes replaced the men in the illicit activity. Di Martino’s wife was picked up by the carabinieri while he was selling with his 16-month-old son in his arms. The niece, Vita Giuffrida, on the other hand, together with her partner Antonino Bonaceto, both arrested, had the task of replenishing the square every day just before the ‘opening’ at 5 pm, to avoid the possible seizure of large quantities of drugs.

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