Novellara, resumed the research of Saman Abbas. Even with molecular dogs

REGGIO EMILIA – The search for Saman Abbas, the 18-year-old Pakistani woman who disappeared from the Bassa Reggiana for over a month, resumed this morning. The hypothesis is that she was killed by her family for refusing an arranged marriage and for which her parents, uncle and two cousins ​​are ndagati. The carabinieri are carrying out some coring of the land – in the agricultural area of ​​Novellara around the family house where the investigators are convinced that the girl’s body has been concealed – to facilitate the work of the molecular dogs of the canine units that will take to the field tomorrow.

Saman killed in 13 minutes: “Uncle strangled her. After my father was crying”

by Giuseppe Baldessarro

07 June 2021

Also tomorrow the electromagnetometer will be used, an instrument capable of sounding the subsoil up to five meters deep. Tomorrow, the police said, an inspection by the chief prosecutor of Reggio Emilia, Isabella Chiesi and the prosecutor Laura Galli, owner of the investigation for premeditated murder, is not excluded.

Saman Abbas, the truth in the chats: “They want to kill me, if you don’t hear me call the police”

by Rosario di Raimondo

06 June 2021

Meanwhile, the prosecutor accelerates the extradition from France of 28-year-old Ikram Ijaz, one of Saman Abbas’ cousins. The young man was arrested a week ago in Nimes, France while trying to reach some relatives in Spain.

He, together with another cousin and his uncle Danish Hasnain, 33 (believed to be the material perpetrator of the crime), were the first investigated after appearing in the first suspicious video taken by the same cameras near the family farmhouse, dating back to 29. April, in which with two shovels, a crowbar, a bucket containing a blue sack, they head towards the countryside. For the investigators at that time they would have prepared the place to hide the lifeless body of Saman.

Saman Abbas, the video that frames the uncle and two cousins ​​accused of his murder


In the last few hours – the investigators say – contacts have intensified between the carabinieri of the Reggio Emilia investigative unit and the central police service of the Ministry of the Interior in order to reach the delivery of the young arrested by the judicial authorities as soon as possible French.

Saman Abbas, his brother’s accusation: “She was strangled”. And here are the frames that fit uncle and cousins

by Giuseppe Baldessarro

07 June 2021

Meanwhile, the search for his uncle and the other cousin continues, with the active contribution of the European police, in particular the French, Spanish, Swiss, English and Belgian police. In fact, it is believed that the two are still on the continent, unlike Saman’s parents – also under investigation – who returned to Pakistan on May 1st as shown by the boarding lists at Malpensa.

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