CuraMI & ProteggiMI, new projects for the elderly in Milan and for families

CuraMI & ProteggiMI, new projects for the elderly in Milan and for families
CuraMI & ProteggiMI, new projects for the elderly in Milan and for families

A single access to a wide range of integrated services dedicated to the care and assistance of elderly people to meet the specific needs of each family. They are the proximity counters CuraMI & ProteggiMI, which were born in Milan thanks to a network of 4 local organizations specialized in taking care of fragile people: the social coop Eureka!, Little Prince e Genera and the association InCerchio.

At the start of the initiative, the Ravasi Garzanti Foundation, which promotes innovative initiatives to help redesign the city by emphasizing both the needs and the potential of a universe of elderly people in constant growth and dynamic transformation.

The CuraMI & ProteggiMI counters are organized to offer a complete and correct answer to families who are looking for information, assistance and support to address the different needs arising from the aging of a relative and from the choice to manage it in a safe and protected manner, so as to improve the quality of life of the elderly and of the entire family unit.

And receive 4 branches currently active (located in zones 6 and 7 of the city) meet the increasingly urgent request of families to have a single point of reference to meet the care needs of their elderly.

Search for carers and family assistants, home assistance, training of caregivers, tax and administrative practices are the services offered on thesupport. As for the area of ​​the rights, legal protection advice and support administration are offered. Relief Services, Home for the Elderly, Alzheimer’s Village and Day Centers is the package of the residentiality. Finally for the well-being of the person, the services offered concern counseling and psychological support, cognitive stimulation, pet therapy and the new project for the adaptation of the living environments “Casa su Misura”. Some services are free, such as information and guidance to administrative support, others require a controlled contribution; in cases of poverty, the Foundation evaluates a dedicated economic support intervention.

Access to services takes place both face-to-face and by telephone (all contact methods on: Born in May 2020, the first two branches (in via Trivulzio 15 and via Giasone del Maino 16) worked mainly with remote consultancy, while in recent months it was also possible to start face-to-face consultancy, adding two new branches (in via Rimini 29 and via Giovanni Battista Rasario 8).

Ravasi Garzanti Foundation dedicates important resources and skills to the CuraMI & ProteggiMI branches, making possible and efficient the network of 4 institutions of the city’s Third Sector, specialized in care services for fragile people, which in practice provide the services and share the same vision of longevity and centrality of the elderly.

Cooperative Eureka!, active in family assistance, training and support for caregivers, also has the role of coordinating the CuraMi & ProteggMI network; InCerchio Association specializes in legal advice for frail people; Little Prince Cooperative provides support in particular to people with dementia, family care and pet therapy; Cooperativa Genera it is at the service of people with cognitive impairment through home care and residential care.

Carla Piersanti, coordinator of the CuraMI & ProteggiMi project, explains the name given to the branches: “The term ‘cure me’ indicates taking care, that is, recognizing people the right to enhance their abilities at any age, enabling them to carry out activities, make choices, enjoy affection. ‘Protect me’ means offering the best solution of services offered, necessary for the well-being of the person, within a personalized and continuous path “.

In recent months, from January to April, the CuraMi & ProteggiMI branches recorded 343 contacts (80% from family members, 20% from the elderly themselves), 146 requests for various services (98 for legal protection, the others for family assistance and personal well-being) , 135 interviews.

During the past months of great isolation due to the pandemic, the specialized operators of the counters have created and distributed to all family members and caregivers from whom they have received a contact the Service diary, a practical handbook containing indications for the care of the elderly at home and suggestions for activities, created thanks to the support of the Foundation. You can download it from the CuraMI & ProteggiMI website at this link:

Where are they and how to contact the CuraMI & ProteggiMI desks in Milan:

– via Trivulzio 15 (Eureka!)

– via Giasone del Maino 16 (InCerchio)

– via Rimini 29 (Little Prince)

– via Giovanni Battista Rasario 8 (Genera)

For info and contacts:

[email protected] and toll-free number: 800 681 614 (from Mon to Fri 9 am-6pm)


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