removed a tumor without scars with the robot surgeon-

removed a tumor without scars with the robot surgeon-
removed a tumor without scars with the robot surgeon-

Record intervention at the Niguarda hospital. A kidney tumor, extending to the heart and over 20 centimeters long, was removed in an 83-year-old patient with scar-free surgery., that is, without opening the abdomen and thorax, thanks to the combined use of a robot and a tumor suction cannula, inserted by a vein in the neck. “It is the first time in the world that such an intervention has been attempted”, as Niguarda points out in a note. Urologists and cardiac surgeons have studied an ad hoc minimally invasive technique, to remove the kidney cancer that from the renal vein had completely infiltrated the vena cava, and then ascended up to the right atrium of the heart.

Given the age and frailty of the patient, who had recently undergone the implantation of two cardiac stents due to coronary heart disease, the doctors decided not to resort to open surgery. The operation lasted 9 hours. Aldo Bocciardi, director of the Urology unit explains: «We opted for a minimally invasive procedure without abdominal incision and without opening the sternum. To do this we resorted to the surgical robot, used to remove the kidney, where the tumor is located ». The robot’s forceps, inserted with abdominal micro-incisions, were also used to remove the tumor that had infiltrated and reached the heart.

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