Love Island Italia, ten singles in search of love but the public will decide their fate. Giulia De Lellis: “Objective like Maria De Filippi”

Love Island Italia, ten singles in search of love but the public will decide their fate. Giulia De Lellis: “Objective like Maria De Filippi”
Love Island Italia, ten singles in search of love but the public will decide their fate. Giulia De Lellis: “Objective like Maria De Filippi”

In a huge and wonderful villa surrounded by nature Gran canaria the events of the 10 young singles – between 19 and 30 years old – protagonists of the dating show are consummated “Love Island Italia”, Produced by Fremantle for Discovery Italia, on air until July 4th every day with the conduction of Giulia De Lellis. There are 16 thousand registrations received at the casting for the world television phenomenon adapted in more than 20 countries, including Italy. “It was a format we had been aiming for for some time – he said Laura Carafoli, in charge of the contents of Discovery Southern Europe, oversees the offices of Italy, France, Spain and Portugal -. In the UK it has become a real media phenomenon. Success depends on drama, humor and interactive community. Unexpected amorous events happen every day and we have fun. We don’t take ourselves seriously. Then there is the App that will decide the fate of the couples. A format inspired by summer loves. This product also inserts among the 5 thousand contents of discovery +. Italian production is essential to build an attractive offer for subscriptions. The platform contains 60% of Italian content “.

Under the eye of the cameras, the singles of “Love Island Italia” spend their days between romantic flirts, attractions that are sometimes paid and sometimes not, jealousies, strategy games, trials to overcome and eliminations. But in love the last word is never said. Indeed the couples will be able to change during the entire duration of the show – the so-called recoupling – and the public will decide their fate through theApp Love Island Italia, where you can vote for your favorite couples but also decide on new surprise entrances – the Bombshells – and many other activities. The couple who in the final episode will meet the public’s liking most will win the program and the prize pool of 20 thousand euros in gold tokens. But only at the end will it be discovered whether the relationship is the result of a shrewd strategy or true love. The male protagonists are: Cesare, 27 years old from Florence and restaurateur, Antonino 28 years old from Palermo and boxer, Daniel 21 years old from Carrara and building contractor, Christian 23 years old from Milan warehouse keeper and zumba instructor, finally the 24 year old model from Padua Denis. The female protagonists are: Rebeca 23 years old from Milan and unemployed, Cristina 23 years old from Mantua, shop assistant and twerking teacher, Giulia 23 years old from Pesaro, lives in Rome and is unemployed, Monica 24 years old from Rome is an entrepreneur, Finally the model Giulietta, 23 years old from Alessandria but he lives in Milan.

“I’m in love with these competitors and can’t wait for everything to take shape. – has explained the presenter Giulia De Lellis -. The sense of the format is that you can fall in love. If I had been single I would certainly have participated in the flight. For me this is a great experience to run and I will try to be objective like Maria De Filippi that I met at ‘Men and women’. I will certainly receive criticisms like any context, like any profession and situation. I have always taken them positively and I make good use of them especially if they are constructive. I’m used to criticism and don’t suffer much from it and for the moment I thought I had escaped (laughs, ed). I met a team of 250 crazy but completely positive people and have a positive energy from morning to eleven and midnight ”.

“This will be like a summer vacation, in a place where people meet, groups, loves and dynamics are created. The newcomers upset the dynamics and at the end of the holidays you decide what to do. – he has declared Marco Tombolini Chief Strategy Officer Fremantle – The viewer becomes interactive and not only decides who goes out but creates the dynamics for couples “.

Finally Eugenio Bonacci Chief Content Officer Fremantle highlighted: “The cast includes guys from Northern and Southern Italy with different backgrounds and experiences. People who do something else in life and have not chosen a television career. When we chose the cast we were convinced that it was a nice group from the point of view of personality“. The soundtrack of “Love Island Italia”, “In one hour”, is signed by Shade.

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