“I want to talk to the magistrates” – Time

“I want to talk to the magistrates” – Time
“I want to talk to the magistrates” – Time

A new letter falls on the investigation into the disappearance of Denise Pipitone, who disappeared from Mazara del Vallo now 17 years ago. This time, however, unlike the last message sent to Piera Maggio’s lawyer, Giacomo Frazzitta, and made known by Who has seen it?, The witness is not anonymous but has a name and a surname.

Talking about the signed letter was Milo Infante’s Ore 14 broadcast on Rai2. The person who signs the letter claims to have information that can clarify the mystery about the child’s disappearance and directly calls into question some people already touched by the inquiries into the alleged kidnapping of the child. The letter points the finger at Claudio Corona, brother of Anna Corona, the ex-wife of Denise’s biological father.

But what does the letter presented by Infante, now being examined by the investigators of the Marsala prosecutor’s office, say? “I want the truth about Denise”, writes the self-styled witness who asks to be heard by the investigators to provide new elements useful for the investigation, in particular on Claudio Corona. But he is keen to clarify: “I am not a collaborator of justice and never I will be. I frequented Claudio Corona a lot, but I repeat I will never be a collaborator of justice “.

And in fact the allusions in the continuation of the letter are not lacking: “I have so many things to say to protect me and my family and perhaps finally discover the truth about some information about Denise. I want the truth about Denise. Women and children do not touch” , we read in the message that indicates a principle, that of rejecting any act of violence against women and children, which, as is well known, is widespread in the “code of honor” of crime.

Reference that makes you think of the words of a witness in the last episode of Who has seen it? who accused the Corona of “illicit trafficking”, accusations strongly sent back by Claudio Corona. But now there could be a new witness, perhaps never heard, among the weapons of the Marsala prosecutor’s office.

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